Release Notes

Release Notes

September 2023

* allow editing of super admin’s email address

####Feature * SRV-1958 – (ONLY iPhone) allow per enterprise override silent profile

August 2023

Version 4.47.0 (minor)

Feature * New clients API

Version 4.46.0 (minor)

####Feature * Add Admin Groups

July 2023

Version 4.45.0 (feature)

Feature * Ability to search sent messages by account and group

Version 4.44.0 (feature)

###Feature * Add Live Call Routing licensing

June 2023

Version 4.43.0 (minor)

####Feature * Add audition of changes in group schedules

May 2023

###Version 4.42.1 ####Feature * set group time zone on group creation or first schedule task creation

###Version 4.42.0 (minor) ####Feature * Play sound in Dispatcher Console on new received replies to dispatcher

###Version 4.41.0 (minor) ####Feature * Ability to choose time zone per group for scheduling tasks

April 2023


* Scan attachments for viruses

* Quite Hours – delayed messages due to DNA period

* Add ability to set the priority of alert from Twilio gateway

March 2023

Version 4.38.0 (minor)


* Support SAML login (OKTA and OneLogin)

* Separates Scheduler to its own top menu item

February 2023

NEW FEATURE: Voicemail Transcription

OnPage’s dedicated line customers can now gain the ability to transcribe voicemails into text. By using the OnPage dedicated line plus voicemail module, users will receive an alert that contains both the voicemail audio file and a transcription of the voicemail in plain text.

December 2022

Improvement to OnPage message redundancy and copy:

OnPage messages sent with an attachment will now be forwarded to email copy or redundancy together with the attachment file.

November 2022

Functioning update to the API Contacts events

  • Create, edit, and delete your OnPage contacts
  • Create, edit, and delete your OnPage groups
  • Pull a list of all contacts plus assigned groups
  • GET user ID by a unique identifier

August 2022

Operational update to the API Administration events.

  • Allows you to create, edit and delete your OnPage Administrators.
  • Assign or deny managerial permissions.

July 2022

Send SMS (Text) Security Verification Code:

You can choose to receive security verification code via a text message.

June 2022

Search Sender:

Gain the ability to filter message statuses based on the dispatcher or dispatching group.

March 2022

Schedule Change Log:

The Schedule Change Log introduces accountability to the scheduling process and ensures that employees take ownership of their actions. With the Schedule Change Log option, organizations gain complete visibility into all the changes made to on-call schedules. The report provides comprehensive information on who made scheduling changes with timestamps.

January 2022

Schedule Time Zones:

Allow administrators to select a time zone before the creation of schedules. Benefits include the ability to create schedules in different time zones other than yours, and users in any time zone can view and edit schedules.

Desktop Notifications:

When mobile users reply to an OnPage message, the dispatching user will now receive real-time, immediate desktop notifications. Desktop notifications ensure that dispatchers never miss replies from on-call respondents (even if dispatchers are not currently using the OnPage web console and visiting other webpages).

SMS Add-On for Dedicated Lines:

Customers now can directly communicate with on-call persons and teams in an organization through SMS messaging. SMS messages get routed via on-call schedules and escalation policies, and they get automatically delivered to the right on-call team member as an OnPage alert notification. The SMS add-on for OnPage Dedicated Lines is available for organizations across all industries.

October 2021

Okta SSO Integration:

Okta is an identity and single sign-on (SSO) provider used to authorize and manage applications, permissions and logins. OnPage supports single sign-on with Okta, enabling one-click login and efficiently managing users’ access to your OnPage enterprise. The OnPage application will be available on the Okta app catalog.

OneLogin SSO Integration:

OneLogin is an identity and single sign-on (SSO) provider used to authorize and manage applications, permissions, and logins. OnPage supports single sign-on with OneLogin, enabling one-click login and efficiently managing users’ access to your OnPage enterprise. The OnPage application will be available on the OneLogin app catalog.

September 2021

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Integration:

Organizations use Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) to centralize identity, manage users, and provide secure access to critical applications, resources, devices and infrastructure. The OnPage-Microsoft Azure AD integration allows for the creation, editing and deletion of OnPage users from Microsoft AD. Organizations can now manage OnPage users with their most updated headcount in Microsoft Azure AD.

August 2021

Delay Notifications:

OnPage now allows administrators to configure Delay Notifications on the on-call web management console. When a Delay Notification schedule is active, OnPage queues all messages that are sent during specified times or “delay hours.” These OnPage messages are only delivered to users at the end of the Delay Notification schedule. Delay Notifications is a new feature available only for OnPage Enterprise Gold plan members.

May 2021

CloudMonix Integration:

Set up metrics on the CloudMonix platform and establish OnPage alert actions in case the metrics cross their threshold levels. Ensure that even the most complex software systems operate as normal.

Datadog Integration:

Datadog is a SaaS-based data analytics platform that monitors servers, applications, databases, tools and services. The integration helps teams stay ahead of issues with applications and infrastructures.

LogDNA Integration:

LogDNA monitors logs and identifies abnormalities, helping teams identify issues. Combine the power of the log management solution with OnPage critical alerting. Trigger and orchestrate alerts when issues erupt, routing to the right on-call responder.

New Relic One Integration:

The integration combines the power of New Relic One’s observability platform with OnPage’s alert management solution. When a New Relic metric falls outside of a specified range, it will automatically trigger an OnPage alert to ensure that an on-call responder looks into the matter immediately.

Site24x7 Integration:

Site24x7 is a website observability platform that monitors the health of your website and notifies you when an anomaly is detected. Combine the power of website observability with OnPage critical alerting. Minimize downtime and improve the end user experience.

Sumo Logic Integration:

The Sumo Logic integration combines the power of log data analysis and infrastructure troubleshooting with OnPage critical alerting. Trigger alerts to the right responders to minimize incident response time.

April 2021

Message Notes on Report Console:

The OnPage reporting console now allows users to compose incident notes. Transcribe what occurred during the incident and detail when critical events were resolved. OnPage message notes are fully downloadable and perfect for post-incident analysis. Only full system administrators or operators with access to reports will have the ability to add Message Notes.

March 2021

On-Call Schedule Exception Enhancements:

On-call schedule exception comes in handy when a user needs to switch on-call times with another user for a specific time frame or when a system administrator wants to make an exception to a recurring schedule for a date range. At the end of the schedule exception, the original schedule reverts back to its initial setup.

Dynatrace Integration:

The integration combines the power of Dynatrace’s cloud monitoring capabilities with OnPage critical, high-priority alerts. When Dynatrace detects problems in cloud infrastructures, it will automatically trigger an OnPage mobile alert to ensure the issues are resolved promptly.

February 2021

ServiceNow Integration Enhancements:

The ServiceNow integration is built to deliver intelligent, automated alerts through the OnPage platform and mobile application. Enhancements made to the OnPage-ServiceNow integration include:

  1. The ability to trigger OnPage alerts if the incident or record is inserted, inserted and updated, or ONLY updated.
  2. The capability at ad hoc: Select and send alerts to OnPage recipients and groups without conditions being previously set.

January 2021

Two-Factor Authentication:

Add a layer of security when enterprise administrators log in to the OnPage web console. Authentication requires you to log in with a password and an additional security measure (e.g., a security code that is delivered to your login email address). Administrators may set the system to authenticate the login account on each login, every eight hours, or once per day. Prevent up to 98 percent of phishing attacks.

November 2020

OnPage BlastIT Self-Registration:

The BlastIT Mass Notification system now offers self-registration forms for users to maintain and edit their own contact information. BlastIT enterprise administrators can invite users to self-register and receive alerts. The latest feature helps organizations across all industries improve contact and user management.

October 2020

Hand-Offs and On-Call Reminders:

Before an on-call shift begins, tasked persons will receive an on-call reminder alert on the OnPage app. On-Call Reminders prevent on-call shifts from being forgotten. Reminders can be configured exclusively with the Enterprise Gold package. The Hand-Off feature can be turned ON/OFF enterprise-wide and can be further individualized per user preferences. The system default for reminders are set to “Always Send Reminders,” “30 Minutes in Advance to shift start,” and the reminder priority is “Low.”

August 2020

OnPage BlastIT Web Console Enhancements:

The latest BlastIT release enhances the mass notification process and ensures that urgent messages are broadcasted to the right people promptly. Advancements include: 

  • Recipient selection to address specific individuals rather than entire departments
  • Prompts to verify that the BlastIT message was sent successfully 
  • Configurable member detail entries (e.g., country, zip code, state and more) 
  • Robust user search capabilities (e.g., city, street, state, name and more) 
  • Importing and exporting members or departments from a .CSV file

June 2020

Select All Members for Schedule Creation:

We have released an advanced feature that allows you to select all members in a scheduled task. Before, you could not create a schedule in an escalation group and select all members; you now can perform this specific “click and select” action.

May 2020

Override Silent Switch and Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode on iOS:

With software release version 7.4, OnPage is now one of the very few incident alerting services to override the silent switch and Do Not Disturb (DND) mode on iOS devices. This functionality is already available on Android and was long-awaited on iOS. Ensure that all OnPage critical alerts are addressed and heard regardless of one’s iOS configurations or system settings.