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On-call scheduling enables 24/7/365 availability of service providers for critical issues like system downtime, technician response for critical systems, and patient care.

In this eBook, discover the importance of on-call schedules for your organization and its customers, how to design an on-call schedule and multiple ways you can build an on-call scheduling program that will improve customer response and make staff happier. Download now to keep reading!

On-Call Schedule

digital on-call scheduling

Digital On-Call Scheduling Defined

Digital on-call scheduling is the process of creating defined times, schedules and rotations for shift members via a console or interface. For incident alert management, the on-call schedule is used to automatically (digitally) alert designated team members when a critical incident happens. Members of an IT on-call team respond to critical alerts during after hours, vacation times and weekend periods. Digital on-call scheduling is key to ensuring the integrity of IT functions, uptime and ops functionality 24/7.

Manage Alert Fatigue and Burnout

Digital on-call schedule enables teams to better manage the burden of after-hours calls so that team members take turns being responsible for the company’s important IT functionality. Since responsibilities are rotated and represented in the digital schedule, no one person is responsible for all IT outages, and the workload is balanced and fair so alert fatigue and burnout are minimized.

digital on-call scheduling