Comparison | OnPage vs. Pagers vs. Email

OnPage combines the urgency of a traditional pager with the ease of email via an automated, secure smartphone app.


Texts and Emails Are Unreliable and Not Secure


Comparison Limitations of Standard Texting

Text messaging does not allow you to send prioritized, secure messages to multiple platforms. It neither sends loud, persistent mobile alerts to recipients nor escalates critical messages to the next person in line if the first respondent is unavailable. Standard text messages cannot bypass the silent switch on mobile devices, such as iOS and Android smartphones.

Comparison Limitations of Standard Email

Email is not an adequate means to manage an incident. While email might seem like the ideal cross-team communication method, the time spent on creating workarounds to make email an effective means to manage an incident is excessive. Email inboxes are often flooded with low-priority emails that drown more critical, time-sensitive notifications that require immediate attention.

OnPage Beats Texting and Email Messaging

Unlike standard texts and emails, OnPage alerts are loud and distinctive, and they bring critical messages to the forefront so high-priority alerts are never missed. OnPage high-priority alerts bypass the silent switch and Do Not Disturb (DND) mode on all smartphone devices. Persistent alerting will push to your phone for up to eight hours. The OnPage system is HIPAA compliant and slashes incident response times via automated, fast and prioritized alerting.

Do More With OnPage

The OnPage email, text and pager replacement solution allows you to:

  • Ditch your pager: Consolidate all alerts and messages on your device
  • Receive unlimited push notifications that bypass the mute switch
  • Securely add files to OnPage in-app team messages
  • View team availability on your device
  • Choose high or low-priority alerts (priority paging)
  • Easily respond to open incidents or forward messages
  • Receive mobile alerts that continue for up to 8 hours until acknowledged
  • Send HIPAA-compliant messages across teams
  • Enable global coverage and never miss a critical alert



How It Works

OnPage Is More Than Just an Alerting App

Respond to Critical Incidents Before They Impact Clients or Patients


OnPage is a complete, intelligent system that centralizes incident response information and elevates critical alerts so your team never misses time-sensitive notifications. The OnPage system is comprised of a web management console, HIPAA-compliant mobile application and mass notification platform.

OnPage notifies the right responder in real time using alerting policies, routing rules and on-call schedules. With over 250+ integrations, OnPage integrates with popular IT service management (ITSM) tools, monitoring systems, healthcare solutions and more.