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OnPage vs. Pagers vs. Email

OnPage combines the urgency of a traditional pager with the ease of email, all from a smartphone app.

Text Messaging and Email Are Unreliable and Not Secure


Texting does not allow you to send secure messages to multiple platforms, provide persistent alerts until the message is acknowledged or escalate the message if the recipient is unavailable. OnPage alerts are loud and distinctive so, unlike texts and emails, they cut through the noise, do not get buried among less important messages and prompt immediate attention and action. OnPage is designed to ensure that critical alerts are never missed.

For healthcare professionals, the problem is magnified by time and cost. Doctors and nurses waste an average of 46 minutes a day using beepers to exchange information about patients. This loss of productivity translates to a loss of more than $8 billion annually. Try out the pager alternative today!

How OnPage Matches Up Against Competitors

OnPage is a trusted critical alerting vendor, providing must-have capabilities and functionalities. Unlike competitors, OnPage fully supports:

  • Overriding the silent switch and Do Not Disturb (DND) mode on all devices
  • On-call schedules
  • HIPAA-compliant messaging
  • High-priority alerting
  • Time-stamped audit trails and reports
  • Secure file attachments
  • Alert escalations

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