Direct Patient-Doctor Communication

Streamline after-hours communication by allowing patients and caregivers to connect with care teams via one dedicated phone number. Callers can directly reach on-call physicians on a real-time phone call. Through the live call, callers can immediately communicate their medical needs to the appropriate specialist.

Callers can also leave a callback number and/or voicemail that gets “paged” to the on-call care team. That way, all care team members become aware of the caller’s urgent issues.

Direct communication enhances physician accessibility, patient care delivery and patient experience.

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How It Works: Direct Communication


When patients need to connect with a physician on a live call, OnPage automates the process and includes escalation paths.

The process begins when a patient dials the care team’s dedicated line and is prompted to select a phone option to connect with an on-call physician on a live call. If the patient’s call is picked up, an on-call physician connects with the patient on a real-time call and tends to his health-related issues.

If the patient’s call is not answered by an on-call physician, the call is directed within an escalation group, consisting of care team members. In the unlikely case that all on-call physicians do not answer, the patient is then prompted to leave a voicemail with a callback number. The voicemail is escalated within the on-call team until addressed and responded to. The process concludes with the generation of detailed OnPage reports, audit trails and status updates.

Real-Time Access

OnPage dedicated lines simplify the process for caregivers and patients to reach on-call care teams. Callers can connect with an on-call provider on a real-time phone call.

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Streamline After-Hour Calls

Streamline after-hours communication, allowing patients to leave a callback number and/or voicemail.

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Brand Your Line With Multiple Languages

Enable business branding with personalized, automated greetings and bilingual phone trees.

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OnPage and Telehealth

Telehealth, powered by OnPage’s direct doctor-patient communication solution, can be adopted in various healthcare delivery scenarios. It can enable hospitals to directly access a network of teleNeurologists in critical patient situations. In an alternate scenario, it can be deployed to give patients access to a psychiatrist during after hours.

Patient doctor communication

Patient-Doctor Communication

    • What is patient-doctor communication?

      Patient-doctor communication is the essential dialogue between a patient and their healthcare provider, encompassing discussions about symptoms, treatment, and care. In today’s healthcare landscape, it extends to virtual interactions through telemedicine, ensuring accessible and effective communication for improved patient experiences and outcomes.

    • What does a patient-doctor communication platform do?

      A patient-doctor communication platform transforms healthcare interactions, offering a secure space for real-time dialogue. Patients can connect with their care providers from anywhere, facilitating immediate attention for discussing symptoms or concerns. This platform empowers individuals to actively engage in their healthcare, allowing doctors to offer timely guidance and fostering a collaborative approach. Integrated telemedicine features enhance accessibility, making healthcare more personalized and effective.