clinical collaboration system

Clinical Collaboration System

A clinical collaboration system is a robust, secure messaging platform that unifies disjointed, siloed communication in healthcare to improve patient outcomes.

It incorporates HIPAA-compliant messaging, team collaboration, natively built on-call scheduling, alert escalation, direct patient-physician communication and more into one user-centric platform.

The clinical collaboration system can integrate with electronic medical record (EMR) software, to trigger contextual alerts (images and reports) to care teams when an EMR detects critical updates in the system. 

Why a Clinical Collaboration System?

Modern care teams require a modern solution to streamline clinical communication and collaboration workflows.

In life-and-death situations where time is of the essence, it is crucial that clinicians receive immediate notifications and clear messages that detail the Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation (SBAR) of an incident to deliver high-quality care.

Reliable Clinical Collaboration System

The OnPage clinical collaboration platform is effective, reliable and secure.

OnPage’s complete clinical collaboration system consists of a HIPAA-compliant mobile application and a web-based enterprise management console.

OnPage’s clinical collaboration system allows healthcare administrators to set up role-based alerting and on-call schedules, enabling organizations to improve the accountability and responsiveness of care teams.

The notification engine allows alerts to rise above the clutter®, facilitating prompt triage and response from practitioners.

Use the collaboration-centered platform to maximize the collective knowledge of care teams and achieve exceptional patient outcomes.


Clinical Collaboration System

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The End of Outdated Alerting, the Start of Better Collaboration


OnPage’s clinical collaboration platform incorporates HIPAA-compliant messaging, team collaboration, on-call scheduling, alert escalation and more into one user-centric system.

Here are the four main components of the OnPage collaboration solution for healthcare:




OnPage Features | Clinical Collaboration Platform

The Ultimate Clinical Collaboration Platform


Clinical Communications Platform

Core OnPage Clinical Collaboration Capabilities:

  • Real-time HIPAA messaging and persistent mobile alerts
  • Unlimited push notifications that bypass the mute switch
  • Digital, natively built and fail-safe on-call schedules and rotations
  • Role and team-based alerting
  • Configurable escalation policies
  • Automated high or low-priority mobile alerts
  • Message file attachments for better team collaboration and response
  • Audit trails, presence statuses and post-incident reports
  • Scalable integrations with Amion and open source electronic health records
  • Live call routing and direct patient-physician communication
  • Better than pagers: Consolidate all alerts and messages on one mobile application

Clinical Communications Platform

Unmatched 24x7 OnPage Support

OnPage offers 24×7 support to all healthcare clients, ensuring that system administrators and care teams receive quality support services at any time.

Users always receive immediate answers from OnPage’s friendly and knowledgeable support staff.

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