What's Home Health and Hospice Care?

Home healthcare allows patients to remain safely at home and live as independently as possible during recovery from an operation, injury or critical illness. Health services, such as skilled nursing, is provided for patients.

Hospice care is designed for critically ill patients with six months or less to live. Patients can receive attentive, frequent care from the comfort of their homes, hospital or specialized hospice center.

Home Health and Hospice

Challenges: Home Health and Hospice

Antiquated communication workflows prolong response times from physicians and care team members, and they perpetuate rigid, non-transparent staff scheduling.

Home health and hospice care agencies require a real-time, HIPAA-compliant communication solution to securely share files with colleagues and quickly mobilize caregivers to patients’ place of treatment.

OnPage Solution: Critical Alerting and Secure Messaging


OnPage is an effective, secure incident management and clinical communication solution that reduces costs, capitalizes productivity and improves patient outcomes for home health and hospice care agencies.

OnPage streamlines communication workflows and reduces response times from 30 minutes to 30 seconds.

Home health and hospice staff can maximize work hours with digital scheduling and provide a better patient experience with immediate accessibility to care teams.


Home Health and Hospice

Contextual, Secure, Real-Time Messaging

OnPage allows care team members to exchange contextual, HIPAA-compliant messages regarding the patient’s medical situation.

Unlike legacy pager communications, OnPage offers encrypted, two-way messaging without limitation to location.

OnPage alerts cut through the noise and bring critical messages to the forefront.

High-priority messages bypass the mute switch on all smartphones and can continue to alert for up to eight hours until acknowledged.

Flexible, Fail-Safe Scheduling

Care team members can create and manage their own on-call schedules.

Having the ability to change digital schedules creates more flexibility in distributing the on-call workload across care teams.

The OnPage digital, fail-safe scheduler automates alerts to the right person and ensures clinicians never miss alerts coming from patients living in care homes.

Direct Patient-Doctor Communications

Enable caregivers and patients to reach on-call care teams by dialing one dedicated phone number.

Callers can securely connect with clinicians on a live, real-time phone call to communicate their urgent medical needs.

If the first care team member does not get the message, it will automatically escalate to the next member in line until the alert is reconciled through OnPage’s escalation policy.