At a Glance | 4 Major Problems With Pagers

Antiquated Pagers Are Holding you Back …


OnPage Pager App

It goes without saying that the pager is antiquated, ineffective technology. Pagers have many flaws including their:

  • Dependency on an infrastructure that is dying out
  • Limited signal or range, preventing on-call responders from receiving pages outside of specific grounds
  • Lack of encryption and security
  • Inability to include contextual information of time-sensitive incidents

Unlike the ’90s, modern response teams require an intelligent solution that streamlines team communications while providing persistent mobile alerting to enhance incident resolution.

Capabilities | Powerful OnPage Pager App


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Ultimate Pager Alternative

A reliable, secure pager app replaces antiquated paging hardware, and it allows for automated, persistent mobile alerts, secure file attachments and two-way communications.

Use the OnPage pager app to enhance communication workflows with complete “one-to-one” and “one-to-many” messaging capabilities, audit trails and team visibility statuses. The mobile application is HIPAA compliant and perfect for all incident response teams.

OnPage’s high-priority pager app alerts override the silent switch on all smartphone devices and rise above the clutter. OnPage sends real-time notifications to the right person on call based on configured alerting policies, routing rules and on-call schedules.

Detailed Presence Statuses

Enable visual representation of your OnPage contacts’ status. Know who is available during a critical situation and enhance the ability to collaborate. Mobile users do not need to waste time in knowing their colleagues’ status as they can immediately see if the colleague is available. Improve team accountability and collaboration when critical incidents happen.

Presence Status Color Key:

OnPage Pager App

Logged in. User is active and able to receive messages successfully.

Pager off. User has intentionally turned the pager off inside the OnPage pager app. User is not available to receive messages at the moment.

Logged out. User is fully logged out of the OnPage application. User will not receive messages.

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OnPage Pager App

Pages Bypass Mute Switch

OnPage is one of the very few pager replacement services to override the silent switch and Do Not Disturb (DND) mode on iOS. This functionality is already available on Android and was long-awaited on iOS devices. The advanced feature ensures that all OnPage critical, high-priority mobile alerts are heard regardless of one’s volume configurations or system settings. Never miss a critical alert with the OnPage pager app bypass feature.

Select Message Priority

High-Priority Alerts

High-priority messaging comes with intrusive, loud and persistent eight-hour push notifications. Alerts mimic pager urgency and allow for full, rich text messages with secure file attachments. Designed for critical situations, these alerts assure the sender that the message has reached its destination and was read by the right person. Elevate critical alerts above the messaging clutter to ensure that events are responded to immediately.

Low-Priority Alerts

Low-priority messaging provides continuous, two-way communications and reply functionalities. Messages can typically be responded to with some delay without facing consequences. These alerts are ideal for non-urgent messaging, casual communications and practice updates.

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Threaded Communications: Chat View

With this OnPage pager app feature, users can collaborate with colleagues through a chat-like interface. Mobile users can even “reply all” to messages so the entire incident team sees the message. Messages statuses with backed-up audit trails are included for complete information.

Users can securely send contextual attachments to colleagues via the OnPage application. Message file attachments allow for better team collaboration, transparency and decision-making processes. The Chat View option is available for all smartphone devices and industries.

Hand-Offs and On-Call Reminders


Before an on-call shift begins, tasked persons will receive an on-call reminder alert on the OnPage pager app. OnPage on-call reminders prevent on-call shifts from being forgotten. Reminders can be configured exclusively on the OnPage Enterprise Gold package.

The hand-off feature can be turned ON/OFF enterprise-wide and can be further individualized per user preferences. The system default for reminders are set to “Always Send Reminders,” “30 Minutes in Advance” to shift start, and the reminder priority is “Low.”

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Dependable and Secure

Remote Wipe: 

The ability to do a remote wipe of the OnPage application adds an additional layer of security to OnPage’s already secure, HIPAA-compliant mobile application. The remote wipe feature allows administrators to effectively prevent access to sensitive information when a smartphone device is lost, missing or stolen.

Stress-Tested Software:

OnPage’s dedicated Software Development team continuously stress tests the complete OnPage system to ensure its 99.99 percent reliability. The service is hosted on a Tier III SSAE16-compliant facility and is continuously evaluated for robustness and availability.

OnPage Pager App and Enterprise Web Console

OnPage Is Much More Than Just a Pager App!

Intelligent Web Console

OnPage’s pager app is fully complemented by an intelligent, enterprise-level, web-based management console. Enable teams to set up digital on-call schedules, escalation policies and rotations, to ensure the right people get automatically notified on the OnPage mobile application. Managers can use the OnPage console to gain intelligent insights into the on-call team’s incident load by month and response performance.

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