What Is OneLogin SSO?

OneLogin provides a unified view into all your apps, logins and devices on a secure identity cloud, and it facilitates single sign-on (SSO) for SaaS-based applications. Follow the simple steps below to start accessing your OnPage enterprise dashboard from your OneLogin account.


* To initiate the integration, you would need an enterprise-level subscription to OneLogin and have admin-level access to OnPage.

How to Set up the Integration

In OneLogin

1. Navigate to Browse App Store in the OneLogin dashboard and click on it.

OneLogin SSO

2. Look up OnPage in the search box, then click on the “+” button in the search results to download it.

OneLogin SSO

3. Navigate to your OneLogin dashboard and click on the OnPage application which will take you to the enterprise console.

4. Alternatively, when you’re on your OnPage enterprise login, click on OneLogin under Quick Access With and log in with your OneLogin credentials.

With the OneLogin SSO integration, you will now be able to access your OnPage enterprise dashboard from your OneLogin account.

Integration Benefits


onelogin SSO


Quick and Efficient

The integration is the best way to manage applications and permissions. The OneLogin integration allows users to access their OnPage account through one simple login process. Check it out by requesting a demo of the integration.