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ConnectWise Manage Integration

With OnPage’s integration, MSP teams can preconfigure criteria for sending out critical alerts within ConnectWise Manage to make sure the alert management process is followed consistently and alerts are never missed.

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ServiceNow Integration

The OnPage integration, native to ServiceNow, takes advantage of the power of the ServiceNow platform to deliver intelligent, automated alerts to the right person, at the right time.

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Datto Autotask Integration

MSPs can initiate and manage alerts from Autotask, ensuring that alerts are automatically sent to the person on-call based on customizable criteria. This level of automation and integration speeds up response to critical incidents and reduces manual errors.

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Only OnPage Has Alert-Until-Read Reliability

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Persistent Alerts

Alert on-call staff on their smartphones with a loud, persistent alarm that can’t be ignored. How loud? Check out this video and hear it for yourself.

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Escalation & Redundancies

Escalate alerts to the next group or person if a team member is not available. Enable redundancies to phone, SMS, and email. Read our escalation white paper to learn more.

Feature Overview

Case Study

With OnPage + Autotask, Lehigh Valley Technology Company improves customer service by speeding up incident response by 300% and eliminating missed alerts.

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Case Study

“By using the OnPage alerting system integrated with ConnectWise Manage we’ve reduced alert errors to zero and cut our monthly costs by 75%. OnPage has helped us grow our managed service business significantly with little increase in direct labor.”

– Craig Isaacs, Cygnus Systems, Inc.

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