What’s CloudMonix?

CloudMonix is a robust cloud monitoring and automation tool designed for IT professionals, such as cloud service providers (CSPs), managed service providers (MSPs) and DevOps engineers.

CloudMonix observes the performance of critical software systems and delivers real-time visualizations to provide more insight into system stability. Users can gain system-wide visibility into their resources through:

  • Performance dashboards
  • Status dashboards
  • Alert dashboards
  • Root cause analysis

How the Integration Works


The integration leverages webhook URLs to combine CloudMonix with OnPage critical alerting.

Following anomaly detection, CloudMonix automatically and instantly triggers an OnPage notification to on-call responders. OnPage notifies the right responder in real time using alerting policies, routing rules and on-call schedules.

The integration ensures that system issues are addressed and resolved promptly. It assures that even the most complex software systems operate as normal.



CloudMonix Integration

Integration Benefits

OnPage’s latest integration augments monitoring system capabilities.

Through the integration, IT teams can:

  • Greatly improve incident response management
  • Rapidly detect critical, time-sensitive incidents
  • Ensure applications are always up and running

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