Datadog Integration

What’s Datadog?

Datadog is a SaaS-based data analytics platform that monitors servers, applications, databases, tools and services. The platform provides a full suite of monitoring capabilities, offering visibility across systems, apps and services at any scale.

The platform allows administrators to build complex alerting triggers, resulting in more actionable alerts and less false positive notifications. Notifications are primarily sent via email. However, for comprehensive alerting, Datadog can be integrated with cutting-edge incident alert management systems such as OnPage.

How the Integration Works


The integration leverages webhook URLs and custom payloads to combine Datadog with OnPage critical alerting.

When a Datadog metric falls outside of a specified range, or in other words, a trigger condition is met, an OnPage alert is automatically triggered and received by the on-call responder. The integration allows users to distinguish between high-priority and low-priority events.

The integration ensures that all issues in your infrastructure environments and applications are resolved promptly. The Datadog integration helps IT teams intervene on potential issues before they reach the end user.


Integration Benefits

OnPage’s latest integration adds value to the infrastructure and applications monitoring platform.

Through the integration, IT teams can:

  • Rapidly detect critical, time-sensitive issues
  • Reduce the time it takes to triage and resolve an issue
  • Receive important infrastructure and application-related alerts wherever they are

Datadog integration