LogDNA Log Management Solution

LogDNA (Mezmo) log management solution acts as a one-stop repository for DevOps teams, providing a singular view into all of their system and application logs. It’s a centralized log management solution that allows DevOps to manage technical complexity more efficiently, boosting their productivity levels.

The system allows teams to search logs with simple keywords and date ranges, filter log events, receive presence and absence alerts, and create powerful log graphing for easy log monitoring. The tool monitors logs and intelligently parses out anomalies to help teams identify issues.

How the Integration Works


The integration leverages webhook URLs to combine the log monitoring solution with OnPage critical alerting.

Following presence-absence alert generation, the system automatically and instantly triggers an OnPage notification to on-call responders. OnPage notifies the right responder in real time using alerting policies, routing rules and on-call schedules.

The integration ensures that anomalies in logs are addressed and resolved promptly. It assures that systems and applications operate as normal.


Integration Benefits

OnPage’s latest integration augments investments in log monitoring tools.

Through the integration, DevOps teams can:

  • Greatly improve incident response management
  • Rapidly detect and take action on critical, time-sensitive incidents
  • Ensure systems and applications are always up and running

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