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OnPage for Answering Services

Prior to OnPage, many answering services relied on pagers to notify their clients of critical issues. This gave rise to inefficiencies and abysmal quality of service for their clients. OnPage ensures immediate receipt of critical messages, ensuring the right message gets to the right person at the right time, every time.


OnPage for Resellers

Offer your customers with a solution that elevates critical notifications from voicemails, emails, monitoring systems, medical systems and cybersecurity tools, and delivers to the right on-call provider based on routing rules and oncall schedules. With OnPage, your clients can experience streamlined communication and faster resolution times for urgent matters.

Secure Messaging

OnPage offers secure messages to allow answering services to send encrypted, meaningful information to their clients. Messages are not just numbers but rather contain useful information on customers’ needs or conditions. Messages can contain image and voice attachments to provide further information into an incident.

Answering Services

Feedback Audit Trail

OnPage integrates audit trail feedback into the answering service’s software. The OnPage console instantly displays the information for dispatchers and answering services to enable more efficient communication. The tight integration offers significant value for the customer with real-time message status updates and secure transmission of message data.

Persistent Alerts

Answering services can enable meaningful and secure messaging for clients. Alerts are sent to the user’s smartphone as a persistent notification lasting for up to eight hours until the message is responded to. With OnPage, it is impossible to miss critical, important messages. Improve response time to critical situations and no longer depend on legacy technology.


Answering Services

Featured Answering Services and Resellers

    • Granite Communications

      Granite Communication combines over 22 years of experience, world leading cloud technologies, and an unwavering focus on customer service to deliver the best cloud phone systems. They partner with leading technology innovators and service providers to deliver systems that improve productivity, enhance customer service and lower costs.

    • BVoiP

      BVoIP is a channel-only VoIP service company designed from the ground up to help MSPs achieve a reliable, standardized, and scalable communications solution.

    • Ansaphone

      Ansaphone Service, Inc. was founded in 1945 to provide skilled, efficient telephone answering services to the medical and business community of Cambridge.

    • Rincon Communications

      Since 1971, Rincon Communications has been a leading 24/7 live answering service throughout the state of Arizona. They’re the only authorized answering service for Pima County Medical Society since 1981

    • Total Connections
    • Clementine Live Answering Service

      Clementine’s team of live answering agents are trained to answer calls and act as an extension of their customer’s business, greeting callers in the same professional way their customers would and answering questions according to customer’s customized script.

    • Montana One Call Center

      Montana One Call Center, the largest privately held answering service in Western Montana, has been in business since 1985. The MOCC team has the experience and expertise to help you succeed.

    • Direct Line Tele Response

      Direct Line provides award-winning answering and call center services to hundreds of clients in almost every industry, business, and profession. Our call processing systems, state-of-the-art technology, and rigorous training methods maximize our ability to manage all of our clients’ answering, messaging, and dispatching needs.

    • Contact One Call Center

      Contact One Call Center is a full-service call center in Arizona that provides 21st century technology and old fashioned customer service. Family-owned and operated for 30 years, Contact One emphasizes the personal nature of each customer interaction.

    • BPE Inc

      Business & Professional Exchange, Inc. (BPE) was established in October 1976 by Joan M. Shaw to fulfill the need of a 24 Hour Telephone Answering Service need for businesses and professionals located in Melrose, MA.

    • Barbara's Answering Service

      Barbara’s Answering Service in California offers expert call handling and other related services to small and large businesses of all types. Helping businesses to achieve success by having efficient customer service.

    • Anserve America

      Anserve America is a leading after-hours phone answering service provider since 1969, and they offer 24/7 Call answering services.

    • Professional Answering Service

      Professional Answering Service, LLC has been serving businesses of all kinds since 1950. They offer expert call handling services to businesses small and large across several industries.