What’s Site24x7?

Site24x7 is a website observability platform that monitors the health of your website and notifies you when an anomaly is detected. The comprehensive website monitoring solution observes the performance of services like domain name systems (DNS), file transfer protocols (FTP) and simple mail transfer protocols (SMTP).

Site24x7 can also track the health of your application’s SOAP and REST endpoints and detect malicious URLs. The platform provides IT teams with comprehensive visibility across all the resources involved in delivering services.

How the Integration Works


The integration leverages webhooks to combine website observability with OnPage critical alerting.

When website availability goes down, an OnPage alert is automatically triggered and received by the on-call responder. The integration allows responders to distinguish between high-priority and low-priority events. It enables IT teams to detect critical system issues before they reach the user.

The integration ensures website availability to drive an exceptional digital experience for end users.


site 24x7 workflow

Integration Benefits

OnPage’s latest integration enhances website monitoring capabilities.

Through the integration, website developers can:

  • Ensure uptime and website availability
  • Rapidly detect outages and get alerted via multiple channels
  • Improve incident response and accelerate event remediation

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