Telemedicine Case Study: SAGE - Teleneurology

OnPage now supports telemedicine. This case study explores messaging for telemedicine and how OnPage saves lives and improves patient outcomes in a teleneurology practice.

At SAGE NeuroHospitalist Management Group, OnPage was brought in to:

1. Enable secure and persistent critical alerting capabilities
2. Provide escalation policies to ensure an on-call neurologist will connect to remote clinics using state-of-the-art telemedicine technology
3. Create reports to examine workflow efficiency and effectiveness


Messaging for Telemedicine


Messaging for Telemedicine

Ultimate Pager Alternative

Telemedicine requires the use of a secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging platform to ensure that clinicians provide immediate care for patients in rural and non-rural communities.

The OnPage mobile application replaces pagers and enhances workflows via “one-to-one” and “one-to-many” messaging capabilities, persistent alerts, secure file attachments and team visibility statuses.

High-priority app alerts override the silent switch on all smartphones. OnPage sends real-time notifications to the right person on call based on configured alerting policies, routing rules and fail-safe, on-call schedules.

HIPAA-Secure Messaging

OnPage’s messaging service enables providers to communicate via encrypted, secure text communication across all geographic locations. Messages are SSL encrypted and can only be viewed by authorized message participants. 

Clinicians can share sensitive files with colleagues in remote areas. Message file attachments allow for enhanced team collaboration, transparency and decision-making. OnPage content has remote wipe capabilities to further ensure HIPAA compliance.

Messaging for Telemedicine

Messaging for Telemedicine

Better Coverage. Better Outcomes.

Deliver critical messages even when the recipient is without cellular coverage using Wi-Fi. With OnPage, doctors are never too far from the hospital to receive alerts, and users know when messages reach their destination and exactly when they are read. Unlike less reliable pagers, non-compliant SMS solutions or pager services, OnPage allows organizations to take real-time actions, such as saving time and lives.

Direct Patient-Physician Communications

Designed for Telemedicine

Streamline after-hours patient-physician communications through OnPage’s dedicated lines with live call routing capabilities.

Patients simply dial one dedicated number to directly reach on-call physicians on a live, real-time phone call. Direct access to on-call providers ensures that patient issues are attended to immediately regardless of location.

Improve patient experience, mitigate human error and achieve ultimate patient satisfaction.

Clinical Communications Platform

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