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Mass notification system

What’s a Mass Notification System?

Organizations use a mass notification system to reach recipients before, during and following an emergency. Systems distribute simultaneous, immediate alerts to SMS, email and/or phone call. Emergency alerts can be equipped with instructions, to ensure recipients act appropriately in times of crisis.

Mass notifications help recipients stay safe and prepared during an emergency. Emergencies include malicious activities, natural disasters, pandemics and more. The mass notification system perfects business continuity planning and crisis management.

Mass notification system

Reach the Right People At the Right Time!

BlastIT, OnPage’s mass notification system, helps enhance emergency communication management plans. With BlastIT, organizations can immediately reach emergency responders and other relevant message recipients. The system is fast, efficient and reliable, and can be used for any critical event.

Want to learn more? Watch the video to see BlastIT in action!

For information on Pricing, demo or free trial, drop an email to [email protected] and a team member will get back to you shortly.

BlastIT: Mass Notification System of Choice

BlastIT does not require message recipients to have any necessary hardware or software other than a mobile phone. The system notifies recipients 90 percent faster than traditional messaging.

BlastIT helps organizations with:

  • Creating messages and sending them to multiple channels. Messages can be sent to voice, email and/or SMS simultaneously. BlastIT will even leave a voicemail if the recipient does not answer the phone.
  • Allowing administrators to develop and edit messaging templates, messaging groups and members.
  • Delivering alerts that detail what happened and what actions recipients should take. BlastIT’s confirmation receipts allow administrators to see the message status.
  • Sending real-time messages to an unlimited number of contacts within minutes. Contacts can be uploaded by administrators or self-registered to the system.

For information on Pricing, demo or free trial, drop an email to [email protected] and a team member will get back to you shortly.

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At a Glance: BlastIT Benefits and Capabilities


Mass notification system

Get the Word Out Fast!


Mass notification system


BlastIT is the industry’s most intelligent mass notification system. The system is equipped with advanced message generation and message delivery capabilities. In times of crisis, the mass notification system ensures that critical information is received and acknowledged by the right individuals.

BlastIT is trusted by several cities and communities, organizations, universities and more! With BlastIT, you can improve and solidify the effectiveness of your business continuity program. Schedule a demo to see how BlastIT enhances emergency messaging!

Editable Templates

BlastIT users can create editable templates in advance to expedite the crisis notification process when an urgent incident takes place. BlastIT also allows users to use free text to compose a message. The highly customizable nature allows for contextual notifications to be composed. One example: instructions for an evacuation.

Department and Member Lists

System administrators can access all recipient lists and information within the Members tab. OnPage BlastIT’s intuitive upload wizard separates individuals into their respective departments to identify and mass notify particular groups of people or departments quickly.


Audit Trails

BlastIT reporting confirms that the notifications were sent and acknowledged. Recipients can easily acknowledge a BlastIT notification to indicate that they have received the message. This information is especially crucial to teams in times of crisis, who can take action knowing that the people they serve have the knowledge they need.

Use Cases for Mass Notification System

Continuous Industry Success

OnPage is a G2 Leader for incident alert management, consistently receiving recognition for high performance and user satisfaction. Read more reviews!

OnPage Mass Notification System: What's New?

  • Self-registration form to allow users to maintain and edit their contact information
  • Option to create or import members and add contact information including, name, country, state, city, street and zip code
  • Ability to search for specific members to send the message to. Users can search for members by name, country, state, city, street and zip code
  • Creation of system administrators and ability to grant security levels
  • Ability to bulk delete members for enhanced user management 
  • Addition of a search box in the “Members Column,” making it easier to select and send messages to users
  • Import and export members or departments from a .CSV file

For information on Pricing, demo or free trial, drop an email to [email protected] and a team member will get back to you shortly.

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BlastIT Is Hosted on AWS EC2

OnPage BlastIT is hosted on AWS EC2, which is a “secure and resizable compute capacity” to support workloads. Per Amazon, EC2 has a service level agreement (SLA) commitment of 99.99 percent and is available for each region. Regions must consist of at least three accessible zones.

BlastIT Resources: Unmatched, Real-Life Results

Discover the Power of the BlastIT Mass Notification System!

eBook: Welcoming You to OnPage's BlastIT

Check out our new eBook entitled, “Welcoming You to OnPage BlastIT,” to learn how OnPage’s mass notification system BlastIT, helps organizations streamline crisis communications not just with response teams, but also with employees, vendors and clients.

Mass notification system

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Helicopter Services Company Improves Incident Response by 90 Percent 

In times of crisis, the large helicopter services firm has the duty to communicate and inform stakeholders of major incidents. This case study discusses how the company was able to enhance its communication practices with OnPage BlastIT mass notifications, bringing down its response time to SLAs from 45 minutes to just five minutes.

Mass notification system


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Mass notification system

Non-Profit Deploys Emergency Teams 20 Minutes Faster

Search and Rescue Dogs of Colorado (SARDOC) is a non-profit organization based in Fort Collins, Colo. The organization aims to find missing persons in wilderness regions, using certified search dogs to locate individuals. Discover how SARDOC was able to deploy its emergency teams 20 minutes faster with OnPage’s BlastIT mass notification system.



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