Automate IT Incident Response

Leverage OnPage critical alerting to streamline end-to-end enterprise IT incident response. OnPage’s automated alert orchestration ensures that urgent notifications rise above the clutter, alerting the right on-call engineer to time-sensitive IT events.

OnPage enables IT incident response teams to:

  • Automate the incident detection-to-resolution process
  • Eliminate human error
  • Reach new levels of operational efficiency to better serve stakeholders
  • Minimize the financial impact of IT downtime

IT incident response

IT incident response

Infrastructure Downtime Is Expensive

Costs associated with infrastructure downtime:

  • Average total cost of unplanned application downtime is $1.25-$2.5 billion per year (
  • Average hourly cost of an infrastructure failure is $100,000 per hour (
  • Average cost of a critical application failure per hour is $500K to $1M (

Who We Help

IT Operations (ITOps)

OnPage provides an end-to-end, comprehensive incident alerting solution to mitigate the impact of critical issues on your customers.

When monitoring tools (Datadog, New Relic One, Sumo Logic, etc.) and ticketing services (ServiceNow, ConnectWise, Autotask, etc.) detect customer-impacting issues, OnPage orchestrates alerts, elevating critical notifications to the relevant response team members.

Minimize infrastructure downtime and accelerate incident remediation by mobilizing response teams to critical IT incidents.

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IT incident response

Security Operations

OnPage’s alerting and on-call management platform can be leveraged to improve security alert visibility and drive faster resolution to vulnerabilities.

OnPage sits at the center of your cybersecurity ecosystem, and it delivers real-time alerts to the right security operations team member—wherever they are. OnPage further enables security and relevant IT teams to communicate and collaborate, accelerating the remediation process.

OnPage integrates with leading cybersecurity tools, such as CASB and Amazon CloudWatch, to enable teams to perfect their security operations with existing tools.

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Cloud Management

Cloud migration, combined with a distributed workforce, introduces operational complexities. Organizations must migrate to the cloud with the help of tools and services that simplify and accelerate this process.

With OnPage, teams can accelerate cloud transformation by mitigating issues that impede the migration. OnPage orchestrates alerts in real time, enabling response teams to collaborate on an issue and accelerate incident resolution.

OnPage provides out-of-the-box integrations with leading cloud monitoring tools and threat remediation services to support cloud migration.

IT incident response

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IT incident response

Help Desk Operations

A help desk is an essential part of an organization. Help desks maintain an employee’s productivity levels and provide immediate help for IT-related issues.

OnPage’s alerting platform acts as a central nervous system. It collects tickets from various channels, such as emails and ticketing platforms, and converts the tickets into persistent, distinguishable alerts that always reach the help desk.

OnPage offers live-call routing with dedicated lines. Employees simply dial one number to get 24/7 access to an on-call engineer for a live, real-time conversation.

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Crisis Management

Crisis teams must have processes in place to keep employees safe and maintain business continuity during times of crisis. They must follow the three steps below:

  1. Assess and communicate in real time
  2. Notify the right incident response team
  3. Alert the wider business ecosystem

OnPage BlastIT is a mass notification solution that broadcasts critical messages to recipients. Organizations can leverage the BlastIT system to update stakeholders of an emergency situation and minimize the impact of the crisis on business operations.

IT incident response

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Unmatched Customer Experience

24x7 OnPage Support

OnPage offers 24×7 support to all IT clients, ensuring that system administrators and on-call engineers receive top-quality support services at any time. Users always receive immediate answers from a friendly and knowledgeable OnPage support staff.

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Adopt and Scale Seamlessly

Adopting and scaling the OnPage solution is simple. OnPage’s implementation specialists help make solution implementation an easy task, allowing IT teams to make a quick impact on their workflows. With over 3,000 enterprise implementations in the IT industry alone, the OnPage team understands common issues and questions, ensuring that IT teams experience a seamless implementation process.

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