What’s New: Improvements to On-Call Schedule Exceptions

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We’re excited to present a feature update to the OnPage platform. The new update will bring more flexibility and resiliency to a team’s on-call management workflow. With the new scheduling capabilities, OnPage system administrators can create exceptions to configured, recurring on-call schedules.

Latest Advancement : Updated Schedule Exceptions

In July 2020, we had released an update that allowed system administrators to make a one-time, manual update to on-call periods. The feature came in handy when a user was sick, had to go on vacation, or simply wanted to switch their entire on-call period with someone else. Though the update was successful in enabling administrators to override a recurring schedule, it had limited flexibility and needed an overhaul. 

To this end, we’re happy to present our digital scheduler’s new, enhanced schedule exception capabilities. Based on customer feedback and intel from the Customer Success team, the OnPage product team realizes that this enhancement is paramount to perfect the on-call scheduler.

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System administrators now have an easier way to make changes to the on-call scheduler when a user needs to switch on-call times with another user for a specific time frame. The updated schedule overrides the existing schedule for the specified time frame, and is easily distinguishable on the on-call calendar. The schedule exception is distinct and is presented in stripes. 

The all-new scheduler also allows administrators to make exceptions to recurring schedules for a date range. Thus, when a user is going on a vacation, or is taking some time off, the system administrator can simply create a new exception to his schedule, allowing another user to cover for them until they’re back. 

At the end of the schedule exception, the original schedule reverts back. 

In the event that an override is no longer needed, system administrators can simply delete it. If the override is deleted when a shift is in progress, the original schedule will activate from the time of its deletion.

Here at OnPage, we’re always receptive to new ideas and feature requests from our clients. Continuous innovation allows OnPage to align with customer strategies, while adapting to the ever-changing trends of the digital operations world. 



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