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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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    • What is OnPage Priority Messaging?

      OnPage is an incident alert management platform, ensuring that response teams are accountable and efficient. By following pre-set escalation criteria, schedules, audit trail reports and redundancies, organizations never miss high-priority, critical alerts. The OnPage client acts as a virtual pager application for iPhone, Android and Blackberry with Alert-Until-Read capabilities, combining the urgency and simplicity of a pager with the convenience and advanced functionality of one’s smartphone.

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    • Who Uses OnPage?

      Individuals and organizations rely on OnPage for immediate notification of an urgent situation. OnPage is the trusted critical incident management tool for thousands of healthcare, IT, Internet of Things (IoT), emergency, financial and media organizations.

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    • I am a New User, How do I Get an OnPage ID?

      You can register directly from your smartphone. Download the OnPage app from your App store. Once installed, open the OnPage application and select “I’m new to OnPage.” Fill out the registration form with the required information and create your own OnPage ID (OPID). Your OnPage ID will become your pager number with the OnPage service, so it’s important to pick an easy, memorable ID. If you will be sending OnPage messages via telephone, we suggest you pick a numeric OnPage ID.

    • How Can OnPage Messages be Initiated?

      OnPage messages can be initiated by machine monitoring systems, sensors or people.

      1. Via Email: Route the email to [email protected]
      2. Via Phone: Dial 1-855-2-ONPAGE (266-7243) or one of the OnPage global access numbers
      3. Device to device – From the OnPage app

      4. From the OnPage dispatcher or though our API integrations.

    • How do I Start Receiving OnPage Messages on My Smartphone?

      Receiving OnPage messages on your smartphone is as easy as installing the OnPage application and signing up for an OnPage ID, then making sure that the important people in your life know how they can reach you.

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    • Can I Reply to OnPage Messages and Add Attachments?

      Yes, users can reply with either pre-defined responses or free text. Users can add Word, PDF, picture and voice attachments to any message. All OnPage messages are secure and HIPAA-compliant.

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    • Can I Send a Message to Multiple OnPage Users?

      Yes, when composing a new message, select as many contacts from your OnPage contact book by clicking the add/plus (+) sign. The OnPage contact book has two tabs: one for individuals and the other for groups.

    • Can the Sender Find Out the Status of the Message Sent?

      Yes, when a message is sent via email or the OnPage app, OnPage communicates back to the sender when a message is received, read and replied to from one’s smartphone.

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    • Will the Sender Get Status Notifications for Messages Sent via OnPage Telephone Service?

      Messages sent via a dialed number will notify the sender that a “message was sent successfully.”

    • Do I Need to Give Out My Cellphone Number or Email in Order to Receive a Page?

      No, when you register for an OnPage account, you’ll choose a unique OnPage ID (OPID). Your mobile phone number and email remain private.

    • Can OnPage be Used as a Pager Replacement?

      Yes, the OnPage application adds the functionality of a pager to your smartphone, providing you with the urgency and simplicity of the traditional pager combined with the convenience and advanced functionality of your smartphone.

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    • Can I Ignore an OnPage Alert?

      Not necessarily. OnPage will continuously alert you until the critical message is acknowledged and read.

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    • Is There an Audit Trail of the Messages and Their Receipts?

      Yes, the OnPage service provides a complete time-stamped audit trail, including delivery, read and reply confirmations for all the message recipients.

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    • Does OnPage Support Non-Latin Text?

      At this time, OnPage only supports Latin text input.

    • Can I Use OnPage on My Smartphone While I’m at the Hospital?

      Yes, subject to hospital policies, OnPage is available wherever you have either cellular or Wi-Fi coverage.

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    • Is it Safe to Use My Smartphone While I am at the Hospital?

      Yes, subject to hospital policies. A study by Mayo Clinic researchers dispels the notion that using mobile phones at a healthcare facility is unsafe. A Mayo Clinic team in Rochester performed 300 tests with two cellphones, each with different technologies and carriers, and 192 medical devices. None of the tests revealed any type of interference with the medical devices.

    • Where are OnPage Messages Stored?

      OnPage creates a dedicated inbox in the OnPage app. Messages can be viewed, deleted and archived (coming soon) in the application inbox.

    • On Which Smartphones Does OnPage Work?

      OnPage is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices. At this time, we support Blackberry version 4.5 and higher, except for BB10.

    • I Have Downloaded the OnPage App to My Blackberry, Where do I Find It?

      If you are using version 4.6 or higher, you can find the OnPage app in your Download folder. You can move it to your Home folder by clicking on the BlackBerry menu key and selecting “Move to Folder.” If you are using version 4.5, the OnPage app will be either on your Home screen or in the application folder.

    • What Happens if My Smartphone Battery Dies, I’m Out of Coverage, or My Smartphone is Turned Off?

      OnPage messages will be received when the device is powered back on or when you regain coverage, assuming you were “OFF” for less than eight hours.

    • What Happens if My Smartphone Is On, but the OnPage App Profile Is Set to “Pager Off?”

      OnPage messages will not be delivered and senders will be notified that your current status is “pager off.”

    • What Happens if I Get a New Smartphone?

      OnPage is fully portable. Just download and install the OnPage application to the new smartphone and login with your OnPage ID (OPID) and password. You can install the OnPage app on any supported device at no additional cost or hassle.

    • If My Smartphone Is on Silent, Will I Still Hear the OnPage Alert?

      YES! OnPage overrides the silent switch or “mute button” on all smartphone devices.

    • iOS: When Logging in To My OnPage App, It Has a "Strong Password" Message in the Password Field. What Does This Mean?

      This is due to iOS password autofill and password auditing. We suggest shutting this feature off if you are not completely familiar with how to use it.


      Directions to disable password auditing:


      1-Uninstall the OnPage application on your iPhone or iPad.

      2-Click on Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

      3-Tap on Passwords.

      4-As prompted, “Enter your iPhone or iPad passcode to view saved password.”

      5-Click on “Autofill Passwords” and disable it.

      6-Click on “Security Recommendations” and disable it.

    • Is There a Fee for the OnPage Service?

      Yes, OnPage charges a fixed monthly fee with no hidden costs. Pricing plans are available to meet your specific messaging needs.

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    • Can I Send and Receive OnPage Messages Even When SMS and Voice Service Do Not Work?

      Yes. OnPage uses the data channel, while SMS utilizes the voice channel. SMS messages are sometimes delayed or completely lost when the cellular network is experiencing high load or congestion, both of which may occur during an emergency situation.

    • Are OnPage Messages Subject to Additional Charges From My Wireless Network Provider?

      No. As opposed to SMS, the OnPage application is using the data channel.

    • What if the Cellular Signal Is Weak or if There Is No Cellular Coverage?

      Most smartphones can take advantage of a Wi‐Fi signal to complement the cellular signal. As long as the smartphone has internet access via Wi‐Fi, OnPage can deliver the message.

    • What is the OnPage BlastIT Mass Notification Tool?

      OnPage BlastIT is a mass communication tool that helps organizations enhance their current emergency communication management plan and streamline effective communications not just with the response team but also with employees, vendors and clients in times of crisis or whenever urgent, mass notification is needed.

    • How Can I Send a BlastIT Message?

      You have to log-in to the BlastIT portal, compose a message, click the audience for the message and choose the messaging venue including, SMS (text message), email and/or phone call.

    • Do I Get Any Confirmation That the Message Was Acknowledged?

      Yes, users can acknowledge the message via SMS, email and phone call.

    • Can I Send SMS and Phone Calls to Users all Over the World?

      Yes, you can send BlastIT messages to users around the world.

    • Do I Need to Purchase a Certain Number of Minutes to Send Phone Calls and SMS?

      BlastIT phone call and SMS minute costs are counted depending on the destination that you are calling and sending SMS messages to.

    • Can the User Respond to the Message?

      Yes, if the message was sent with reply options, the user can reply by choosing any of the presented options.

    • Can I Have More Than One Person Manage the Enterprise?

      Yes, a system administrator can create other administrators to manage the enterprise.

    • Can I Assign My Administrators With Different Privileges?

      Yes, you can assign your administrators with permissions allowing or denying them to accomplish certain tasks.

    • What Happens When the User Receives a BlastIT Phone Call?

      The user simply answers the call and is prompted to press 1 to listen to the message. At the end of the message, they are prompted to press 1 again to acknowledge it.

    • How Can I Manually Enable OnPage to Override the Silent Switch (Mute Button) and Do Not Disturb on the iPhone?

      By design, OnPage high-priority messages override the silence switch on all smartphone devices.


      If you would like to manually change the settings:

      1. Click on “Settings” on the iPhone

      2. Click on “Notifications”

      3. Scroll down and find the OnPage app

      4. Click on the OnPage app and slide to allow or disallow critical alerts