Midwifery Group Challenges

Midwives are trained specialists that assist women through the childbirth journey, ranging from labor to postpartum care. To deliver high-quality patient care, midwives consult with a team of experts, such as senior midwives, OB-GYN doctors and anesthetists.

Without a robust, mobile-based communication solution, most of the information exchanged during collaboration remains siloed and lost in the large web of complex communication.

Care team collaboration facilitated by archaic technology, such as pagers, delay patient care. The experience can be especially excruciating for the patient that has to wait for their physician to connect with an on-call specialist via a page-and-phone tag cycle.


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OnPage Is Designed for Midwifery Groups


The OnPage clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) system is powered by a HIPAA-compliant mobile application and an intuitive web management console. OnPage enables midwifery group members to cut through communication barriers and collaborate to deliver effective, timely care to expecting mothers.

OnPage is supported by a centralized contact management system that consolidates all enterprise contacts under one platform to facilitate collaboration across the patient journey. Administrators can manage users, on-call schedules, communication workflows and critical messages, and they can use the two-way message dispatcher to mobilize clinicians, quickly and effectively.

End-to-End Collaboration

The OnPage CC&C system is designed for the modern midwifery team. OnPage’s effective, reliable and secure platform manages communication workflows for midwives, allowing them to dedicate most of their time to patient care.

Key features and capabilities:

  • Persistent, high-priority mobile alerts bypass the mute switch
  • Fail-safe on-call schedules for better response team management and to minimize human error
  • User presence statuses and audit trails with SENT, DELIVERED and READ receipts
  • Real-time, two-way mobile messaging without limitation to location
  • Secure file attachments for better situational awareness
  • Escalation policies to notify the next person in line when needed
  • Dispatch messages to groups to facilitate coordinated care delivery

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Direct Patient Communication

Enhance accessibility to midwifery care teams by allowing patients to directly communicate with their clinicians through phone calls, voicemails or SMS. The patient’s inbound call, voicemail or SMS message gets routed via on-call schedules and escalation policies, and it gets automatically delivered to the right clinician as an OnPage alert notification.

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