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Improve Collaboration and Response

The OnPage alerting solution automates and streamlines incident response, and it ensures that critical alerts are always received by the right person at the right time. The powerful system improves on-call team accountability, collaboration and responsiveness when time-sensitive incidents happen. High-priority alerts can override the silent switch on all smartphone devices.

For Healthcare:

OnPage is a clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) solution that allows healthcare administrators to create automated on-call shifts and alert escalations. It is more reliable and secure than traditional paging hardware. The system provides a fast, HIPAA-secure way to communicate with colleagues for better patient outcomes.

For IT Support:

OnPage offers an IT service alerting (ITSA) platform that enables organizations to get the most out of their digital investments. The system improves the productivity and response time of engineers to ensure digital services are always on. OnPage integrates with leading ticketing and observability tools, such as ConnectWise Manage and Amazon CloudWatch.

Why OnPage

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Powerful Incident Alerting

OnPage centralizes incident response information and elevates alerts so teams are always notified of time-sensitive events. The incident alerting system consists of a dynamic web console and HIPAA-compliant mobile application.

Features Include:

  • Real-time HIPAA messaging and persistent mobile alerts
  • Unlimited push notifications that bypass the mute switch
  • Digital on-call schedules and rotations
  • Configurable escalation policies
  • Automated high or low-priority mobile alerts
  • Message file attachments for better team collaboration and response
  • Audit trails, presence statuses and post-incident reports
  • 200+ scalable integrations with leading healthcare, ITSM and monitoring tools
  • Remote wipe data capabilities

Scalable Integrations

Featured Integrations: 

  • Integrate with ITSM tools such as ServiceNow, ConnectWise Manage and Autotask
  • Integrate with Amion physician scheduling and open source electronic health records
  • Enhance the IoT ecosystem with the ThingWorx integration
  • Connect tool stacks using OnPage’s API, webhook and email integrations
  • Integrate with ChatOps tools like Slack
  • Facilitate single sign-on (SSO) with the Okta or OneLogin integration

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Ease of Use

OnPage’s alerting and on-call management software is intuitive and user-friendly. On-call teams can quickly access secure two-way messaging on the mobile application, and managers can easily create on-call groups, schedules and escalations via the web-based escalation manager. Response team managers can also access the cloud-based web portal from anywhere.

Rock-Solid Reliability

OnPage has an uptime of 99.99 percent and deters any type of outage (even during worst-case scenarios). The solution is continuously evaluated for robustness and availability. We ensure the system is always up and running so on-call teams never miss a critical alert!

Reliable Alerting System:

  • OnPage bypasses the silent switch and Do Not Disturb (DND) mode
  • All alerts and messages go through encrypted transmission
  • OnPage sends messages through the data channel and over Wi-Fi networks
  • The service is hosted on a Tier III SSAE16-compliant facility
  • OnPage uses a fully redundant server infrastructure to ensure all data is secure

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Reduction in Alert Fatigue

Easily configure on-call schedules and rotations via OnPage’s digital web-based scheduler. Create an equitable workforce and minimize the number of unactionable alerts that on-call team members receive. Prioritized mobile alerting ensures that high-priority alerts receive immediate attention from respondents.

Add Emergency Mass Notifications

BlastIT Mass Notification System

BlastIT, OnPage’s mass notification system, helps enhance emergency communication management plans. With BlastIT, organizations can immediately reach emergency responders and other relevant message recipients. The system is fast, efficient and reliable, and it can be used for any critical event. Want to learn more? See how BlastIT can meet your disaster communication needs.

Learn What You Can Do With OnPage 4.0

OnPage 4.0 further empowers teams and their alerting capabilities. Download the guide to all of OnPage’s latest service offerings and integrations!