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Welcome to OnPage, the trailblazer in secure smartphone pager applications, revolutionizing the efficiency of response teams across various sectors, including tech, healthcare, and on-call ground staff. Originally conceived to enhance response speed during critical incidents, OnPage has evolved into an all-encompassing platform that seamlessly integrates critical alerting, secure messaging, on-call management and dedicated lines-based communication solutions. By automating the routing of communication and alerts, OnPage ensures swift and effective responses, empowering your team to tackle critical events with unparalleled agility and reliability. It has 100 percent rock-solid reliability and provides powerful integrations with mission-critical systems across industries.

Elevate your team’s responsiveness with OnPage today.

The Ultimate OnPage Experience

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Enhance Accountability

OnPage improves the accountability and productivity of response teams with Alert-Until-Read notifications, audit trails, digital schedules, post-incident reports and user presence statuses. Ensure messages and alerts are never missed, and always know the status of an incident and who is resolving the event.

Yoast Focus Keyword

Yoast Focus Keyword

Improve Communication

Users can communicate with colleagues via real-time, two-way mobile messaging. Securely share files, such as images and voice attachments, with team members via the OnPage encrypted, secure messaging application. Automated, high-priority alerts override the silent switch on mobile so urgent events are never missed by recipients.

Accelerate Response Time

Slash response times to incidents with automated, fast, immediate mobile alerting that rise above the clutter. Alerts cut through the noise and bring critical notifications to the forefront, continuing for up to eight hours until acknowledged by the recipient. OnPage ensures the right message gets to the right recipient immediately.

Yoast Focus Keyword

Yoast Focus Keyword

Reduce Alert Fatigue

Easily configure on-call schedules and rotations via OnPage’s digital web-based scheduler. Create an equitable workforce and minimize the number of unactionable alerts that on-call team members receive. Prioritized mobile alerting ensures that critical, high-priority alerts receive immediate attention from respondents.

Eliminate Human Error

The digital, fail-safe scheduler gives teams peace of mind knowing there is continuous, error-free coverage when schedules are populated incorrectly. Fail-safe scheduling notifies the entire on-call team to ensure that no incident is missed. Automate the process of connecting incidents to responders, and eliminate human error when scheduling or distributing on-call workloads across teams.

Why OnPage

Keep Everyone Informed

Enhance emergency communication management plans with BlastIT mass notifications. Immediately reach and broadcast messages to emergency responders, employees and other relevant recipients during times of crisis. Keep everyone informed, safe and updated when it matters the most.

How Are We Different?

Why Customers Choose OnPage

Powerful Incident Alerting

OnPage centralizes incident response information and elevates alerts so teams are always notified of urgent events. The complete OnPage system consists of a dynamic web console and HIPAA-secure mobile application.

Key Features Include:

  • Real-time HIPAA messaging and persistent mobile alerts
  • Unlimited push notifications that bypass the mute switch
  • Digital, fail-safe on-call schedules and rotations
  • Configurable escalation policies
  • Automated high and low-priority mobile alerts
  • Message file attachments for better decision-making
  • Audit trails, presence statuses and post-incident reports
  • 200+ scalable integrations with leading tools
  • Remote wipe data capabilities
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Scalable Integrations

OnPage extends its alerting and communication capabilities across all tools that send email notifications. Better manage alerts, mobilize teams in real time to resolve incidents, and give managers consolidated views into their team’s incident response process.

Featured Integrations: 

  • Integrate with ITSM tools such as ServiceNow, ConnectWise Manage and Autotask
  • Integrate with Amion physician scheduling and open source electronic health records
  • Enhance the IoT ecosystem with ThingWorx
  • Connect tool stacks using OnPage’s API, webhook and email integrations
  • Integrate with ChatOps tools like Slack
  • Facilitate single sign-on (SSO) with the Okta or OneLogin integration


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