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Cost of Downtime

Per DevOps, infrastructure failure has an average hourly cost of $100K while critical application failure has an average cost of $500K to $1M per hour. Customers require quick incident response and resolution.

When seconds matter, OnPage brings software-enabled anomalies with human response expertise so they can resolve issues in minutes, not hours.

Incident Alert Management for IT


Incident Alert Management for IT

Enhancing Incident Alert Management for IT

The OnPage IT service alerting (ITSA) system consists of a secure mobile messaging application and a dynamic web-based console. OnPage enables teams to reduce outages, improve productivity and keep digital services always on.

OnPage provides alert escalations, fail-safe digital schedules, redundancies, incident reports and Alert-Until-Read capabilities for IT teams across all industries. With OnPage, teams can shrink resolution time by automating the entire incident management process and eliminating human error.

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End-to-End Incident Alert Management for IT Teams

Respond to Critical Issues Before They Impact Your Clients


Designed for the IT industry, OnPage ensures that teams minimize the financial impact of downtime and reach new levels of operational efficiency to better serve their customers.

The automated, unified, communication and scheduling system allows organizations to enhance their multi-tiered support structure. Through OnPage digital schedule configurations, IT organizations can effectively escalate incidents to the right level of support, such as Level 1 (L1), Level 2 (L2) and Level 3 (L3) servicing. Improve incident team collaboration to accelerate incident resolution.


OnPage Features | Incident Alert Management

Real-Time Alert Orchestration

IT teams can immediately resolve critical incidents with workflow automation. OnPage’s real-time alerting solution empowers IT teams to have an orchestrated response to critical incidents. OnPage provides automated, fail-safe schedules that revert back to the default group order and alert the entire team when on-call slots are not configured. This ensures continuous coverage across the IT organization.

Incident Alert Management for IT

Hand-Offs and On-Call Reminders

Before an on-call shift begins, tasked persons will receive an on-call reminder alert on the OnPage mobile application. OnPage on-call reminders prevent on-call shifts from being forgotten. Reminders can be configured exclusively on the OnPage Enterprise Gold package.

The hand-off feature can be turned ON/OFF enterprise-wide and can be further individualized per user preferences. The system default for reminders are set to “Always Send Reminders,” “30 Minutes in Advance” to shift start, and the reminder priority is “Low.”

Incident Alert Management for IT

Administrator-User Secure Communications

System administrators can communicate with on-call users directly on OnPage’s web management console. The complete administrator-user secure communications option enhances team communications and collaboration during urgent incidents or situations.

Incident Alert Management for IT

Real-Time Ticket and SLA Updates

OnPage streamlines the incident resolution life cycle and ticketing process with its seamless, bi-directional integration with ConnectWise Manage and similar ITSM systems. Ticket statuses can be updated with a simple click of the button from the OnPage app. Incident responders have full visibility into the incident with real-time synchronization between platforms.

Reduce Alert Fatigue. Improve Productivity.

False alerts increase the risk of missing real alerts. With OnPage, teams can trigger contextual, distinguishable, and intelligent mobile alerts based on specific words found in tickets. If a string or word matches the condition, OnPage high-priority alerts are triggered to notify on-call engineers promptly.

Fail-Safe Scheduling

Fail-safe is a design element that minimizes or eliminates the impact of a failure on applications, people and processes.

A fail-safe scheduler gives users peace of mind knowing there is continuous, error-free coverage when schedules are populated incorrectly. Fail-safe scheduling notifies the entire on-call team ensuring that no incident remains unanswered.



Incident Alert Management for IT

Enhance Your Cloud Infrastructure With Incident Alerting


Organizations are migrating to the cloud with the help of tools and services that simplify and accelerate the process. OnPage provides out-of-the-box integrations with leading cloud monitoring tools and threat remediation services. The integrations help mitigate issues before they severely impact business operations. OnPage integrations orchestrate alerts in real time, enabling response teams to collaborate on an issue and accelerate incident resolution.

Amazon CloudWatch Integration

The integration enables Amazon CloudWatch to trigger OnPage mobile, high-priority notifications when it detects anomalous or critical cloud activities. The OnPage-CloudWatch integration minimizes the time it takes to identify and respond to incidents occurring in critical AWS resources and applications.

Incident Alert Management for IT

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Incident Alert Management for IT

Perfecting CASB With OnPage

The integration allows OnPage to deliver Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) policy alerts on mobile to help security teams improve incident response time. Notify and orchestrate SOC teams in real time to triage and remediate incidents immediately.

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Scalable Integrations

  • Modernize ITSM with OnPage’s ServiceNow integration
  • Manage ticketing and alerting from a single platform with ConnectWise Manage and Datto’s Autotask integrations
  • Enhance the IoT ecosystem with the ThingWorx integration
  • Monitor logs and identify abnormalities via LogDNA
  • Integrate with ChatOps tools like Slack
  • Connect tool stacks using OnPage’s API, webhook and email integrations
  • Facilitate single sign-on (SSO) with the Okta or OneLogin integration

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OnPage Benefits | IT Alert Management

Rock-Solid Reliability

OnPage has an uptime of 99.99 percent and deters any type of outage (even during worst-case scenarios). The solution is continuously evaluated for robustness and availability.

Reliable Alerting System:

  • OnPage bypasses the silent switch and Do Not Disturb (DND) mode
  • All alerts and messages go through encrypted transmission
  • OnPage sends messages through the data channel and over Wi-Fi networks
  • The service is hosted on a Tier III SSAE16-compliant facility
  • OnPage uses a fully redundant server infrastructure to ensure all data is secure

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OnPage Is Perfect for Modern IT and Development Teams

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24x7 support

Unmatched 24x7 OnPage Support

OnPage offers 24×7 support to all IT clients, ensuring that system administrators and on-call engineers receive top-quality support services at any time. Users always receive immediate answers from a friendly and knowledgeable OnPage support staff.

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