What’s Sumo Logic?

Sumo Logic is an intelligent, cutting-edge machine data analytics solution. The system gathers log data from IT applications, on-premises software, cloud infrastructures and more. Large quantities of data are collected to streamline incident detection-to-remediation processes.

The system provides real-time visualizations and analytics to help IT teams make better decisions. Teams use Sumo Logic to increase system availability and improve infrastructure performance.

Modern organizations combine the power of Sumo Logic with the OnPage incident alert management system. The Sumo Logic integration automatically triggers OnPage alerts when infrastructure issues are detected. Engineers can receive critical alerts via push notification, SMS, email and phone call.

How the Integration Works


Sumo Logic Integration


1. Identify: 

Sumo Logic continuously monitors an organization’s critical IT infrastructures and applications. The system is designed to ingest data and identify critical events. The platform immediately detects issues to ensure system availability.

2. Notify: 

When events meet configured metrics and logs, Sumo Logic automatically triggers OnPage alerts to the right responder’s device. The integration leverages OnPage’s alerting policies, routing rules and on-call schedules to notify the correct people. OnPage incident alerts can be sent as push notifications, SMS, emails or phone calls.

3. Rectify: 

On-call engineers slash response times with OnPage. Immediate OnPage alerting allows for quick incident management and resolution.