COVID response



Simplify Messaging to On-Call Staff

Seamless communication with on-call care teams
Enhance your COVID response by simplifying communication workflows for care teams. With OnPage, healthcare organizations can schedule clinicians on a digital scheduler and route critical notifications to the right on-call care professional.




Group Messaging Solution

Simultaneous group communications
OnPage’s group messaging allows your staff to communicate with employees in a department concurrently. For instance, a coronary care unit (CCU) charge nurse can use the OnPage app, to mobilize environmental services (EVS) to clean high-risk areas after every patient discharge.

COVID Response

The OnPage Solution for Vaccine Rollout

Together in these trying times!

To gear up for what can be dubbed as the largest vaccine distribution plan of the decade, hospitals must optimize their patient communication and COVID vaccine storage and handling. They require technologies that can prevent vial damage during storage and systems to mass notify vaccine registrants.

Prevent Vial Damage During Storage

Cold storage alerting solution
Complement cold storage equipment with OnPage’s critical alerting solution. When temperature excursion is detected, ultra-low freezers will trigger OnPage alerts to the technician’s phone, helping salvage precious vials. OnPage notifications are persistent and intrusive, continuing for up to eight hours until acknowledged.

COVID response

Vaccine Roll-Out Notifications

Mass notify patients about immunization schedules 
With BlastIT, OnPage’s mass alerting system, hospital administrators can create mass notification groups by vaccination date. Confirmed vaccine registrants can be uploaded to these groups. Hospitals can reach patients through many delivery channels including, email, phone and SMS.

Supplement Post-Vaccination Care

Mass notifications and live calls
Specialty nurses can use BlastIT to run wellness checks on vaccine recipients. They can send mass messages to patients, requesting them to acknowledge if they’re experiencing vaccine-related side effects.

OnPage’s dedicated lines and live calls can be used to connect those experiencing side effects with post-vaccination care specialists on a real-time phone call.

CDC’s COVID Resources

Stay informed on COVID with these quick-reference guides from the CDC:

OnPage Support 

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Here’s what OnPage support provides:

  • Pilots: Setting up the client’s OnPage instance and helping with password creation. Demo environments are also created
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  • Unrestricted assistance: OnPage support answers all questions regarding client workflows