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Behavioral Health

Discover how OnPage rapidly improves behavioral health communications. Deliver exceptional mental health services and increase clinician productivity.

OnPage Behavioral Health

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State & Local Government

We improve on legacy emergency notification platforms and enable government bodies to keep their residents informed of critical incidents like natural disasters, public safety or weather events.

OnPage serves local state and government

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Aviation & Transportation

From airlines to public transportation agencies, a loss of service could mean disruption for millions of commuters. OnPage offers solutions for mass notifications and incident management.

OnPage serves aviation and transportation

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OnPage’s incident management platform provides insurance institutions with secure communications and critical alerting that ensures the safety and integrity of insurance data while meeting regulatory requirements.

OnPage serves insurance companies

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Retail and eCommerce

OnPage’s solution is used by retail associates to alert them as soon as a customer walks into the store. OnPage is also used by IT teams to notify them when the eCommerce platform is down or experiencing critical issues.

OnPage serves retail

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Construction & Manufacturing

OnPage connects to manufacturing systems and sensors to provide plant managers with immediate alerts when critical issues occur.

OnPage serves manufacturing

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OnPage’s incident alert management solution provides financial institutions with secure communications and critical alerting that ensures the safety and integrity of important financial data while maintaining compliance.

OnPage serves financial institutions


School lockdowns and other safety announcements are now streamlined with OnPage’s host of solutions geared towards getting the word out when critical incidents occur.


OnPage serves schools and universities

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OnPage offers HIPAA compliant clinical communications to replace antiquated pagers and enhance care team collaboration and consistent workflows, helping healthcare organizations improve patient care.

OnPage serves healthcare

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Energy & Utilities

From critical assets like pipelines to oil rigs; OnPage supports field engineers with instantaneous alerts when things go wrong in the field. OnPage also supports them a digital scheduler that manages shifts.


OnPage serves oil and gas

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Managed Services

Small and medium businesses rely on MSPs to ensure their critical technologies stay up and running 24×7. OnPage ensures alerts are sent immediately and persistently to designated on-call engineers for fast resolution of high priority incidents.

OnPage serves MSPs and managed service companies

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Information Technology

OnPage ensures faster incident response and decreased MTTR. Alerts initiated from a multitude of sources can be consolidated, prioritized and managed through a single ticketing or incident alert management platform.

OnPage serves IT

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OnPage provides legal institutions with secure communications and critical alerting to ensure the safety and integrity of legal data.

OnPage serves legal organizations


OnPage reduces incident resolution time by automating the notification process from IoT ecosystems, reducing human errors, improving productivity, reducing downtime and getting the most value from technology investments.

OnPage strategically works within IOT ecosystems

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Facility Management

OnPage combined with facility management systems can be leveraged to trigger real-time alerts for events that require immediate action from the on-call service technicians. Alerts that indicate critical work orders or emergency incidents get directed to the on-call technician based on on-call schedules and escalation policies.

Facilities can now capitalize on real-time alerts to minimize response time and prevent costly damages from unresolved issues. We serve a diverse range of customers, including manufacturing facilities, property management firms, commercial contractors, airports and hotel chains.

facility management clients

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Environmental Condition Monitoring

Say goodbye to the pager shuffle! With OnPage, there’s no need to pass around pagers among personnel sharing the responsibility of monitoring environmental systems.

When temperatures, humidity, lighting, or any other parameters deviate, OnPage’s cellphone-based paging solution empowers the right personnel to swiftly respond, delivering critical notifications directly to their phone apps with loud, persistent alerts.

The audible alert, coupled with alert management automation, guarantees immediate attention, ensuring critical notifications never go unnoticed.

OnPage strategically works within IOT ecosystems

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