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What Are Dedicated Lines?

A dedicated line is a dedicated, exclusive phone number acquired from OnPage that connects to OnPage’s powerful on-call management and critical alerting system. The feature enhances incoming calls through automation, and it elevates voicemails and missed notifications to the on-call staff’s OnPage application.

The OnPage system ensures that calls are answered promptly. The incoming calls, SMS and voicemails follow on-call schedules and routing policies, and notifications get delivered as loud, distinguishable alerts.

Organizations adopt dedicated lines powered by OnPage’s patented, award-winning technology to drive best practices in customer service. Through the dedicated line feature, callers gain uninterrupted access to their on-call staff, and organizations continue to deliver exceptional customer experience.

dedicated lines

Advantages of Dedicated Lines

With the OnPage Dedicated Lines feature, organizations across all industries can:

  • Streamline after-hours communication, allowing anyone to leave a callback number, voicemail, SMS message and/or connect via a live call.
  • Seamlessly automate the delivery of incoming calls and critical notifications to geographically dispersed on-call staff.
  • Simplify the process for callers to reach multiple individuals, groups and departments with one phone number.
  • Reliably deliver voicemails and SMS to the on-call staff as a high-priority “page”.
  • Avoid human error by automating on-call and alert management workflows. 

Dedicated Lines Features


Dedicated Lines

Industry Use Cases

+ Clinics: Clinics provide a dedicated line to patients so they can leave a callback number or directly connect on a live call with the on-call physician. The callback number or voicemail gets delivered to the on-call physician who can then promptly follow up with the patient.

+ Healthcare communicationClinicians may use dedicated lines to request callback from on-call specialists. For instance, an ICU night shift doctor may leave a voicemail with a callback number for an on-call pulmonologist. 

+ Municipalities: Municipalities use dedicated lines so citizens can report potential dangers to public welfare. The incoming calls automatically route to the on-call staff, and voicemails and SMS get delivered as a high-priority notification.

+ IT Business Clients: Clients dial a dedicated line to immediately reach an on-call, after-hours engineer when their critical IT infrastructures fail.

+ Bilingual Health Services: A healthcare practice with a large number of Spanish-speaking patients uses dedicated lines to create bilingual phone instructions for after-hours assistance.

+ Midwives: Midwifery groups offer dedicated lines so patients can send an SMS text message to their care staff for immediate response. The SMS gets delivered to the on-call midwife’s phone app as a high-priority notification.

Dedicated Lines Offering