Digitizing Clinical Communications

Per Spyglass Consulting Group, 73 percent of hospitals are embracing digital transformation to address the communication and collaboration requirements of today’s clinical professionals. Automated, modernized clinical communications ensure that care teams are always on the same page to provide unmatched patient care.

Why a Clinical Communications Platform?

Streamline clinical communication and collaboration workflows for care teams with OnPage.

Receive immediate notifications and clear messages that detail the Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation (SBAR) of an incident to deliver high-quality care.

Reliable Clinical Communications

The OnPage clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) platform is effective, progressive, reliable and secure. OnPage’s complete CC&C system consists of a HIPAA-compliant mobile application and a web-based enterprise management console.

OnPage CC&C helps organizations improve the accountability and responsiveness of care teams, and it allows managers to set up fail-safe on-call schedules and escalation policies for alert redundancy on the natively built scheduler. The alert engine ensures that critical notifications rise above the clutter® and deliver to the right healthcare teams.

OnPage provides historical and real-time incident reports for care team managers. With these insights, managers can better estimate on-call workloads and reassign upcoming incidents to others to minimize clinician burnout and fatigue.


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 OnPage Benefits | Clinical Communications Platform

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Client testimonials

OnPage has allowed our medical practice to deliver time sensitive alerts to medical providers reliably, enabling us to provide exceptional care to our patients. It has also eliminated the need for a pager for healthcare communication.

– Monica V., Hospitalist

The End of Outdated Alerting, the Start of Better Collaboration


Incorporate HIPAA-compliant messaging, team collaboration, fail-safe on-call scheduling, alert escalation and more into one user-centric system.

Five main components of the OnPage CC&C platform include:



OnPage Features | Clinical Communications Platform

The Ultimate Clinical Communications Platform


Clinical Communications Platform

Core OnPage CC&C Capabilities:

  • Real-time HIPAA messaging and persistent mobile alerts
  • Unlimited push notifications that bypass the mute switch
  • Natively built-in fail-safe on-call schedules and rotations
  • Configurable escalation policies
  • Automated high or low-priority mobile alerts
  • Message file attachments for better team collaboration and response
  • Audit trails, presence statuses and post-incident reports
  • Scalable integrations with Amion and open source electronic health records
  • Live call routing and direct patient-physician communication
  • Better than pagers: Consolidate all alerts and messages on one mobile application

Explore how healthcare organizations implement OnPage to solve critical communication challenges

Simplify On-Call Management

Eliminate the need to have a person check a paper, third-party passive schedule and send alerts manually.

Create an equitable on-call workforce and automatically trigger mobile alerts to the right provider at the right time with OnPage’s natively built-in web scheduler.

Gain continuous, error-free coverage when schedules are populated incorrectly. The scheduler notifies the entire team when there are lapses in scheduling.

Provide users with visibility into their schedules and team’s schedules on the go

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Direct Patient-Physician Communications

Streamline patient-physician communications through OnPage’s dedicated lines with live call routing capabilities.

Enable direct access to on-call providers for your patients without disclosing their personal numbers with OnPage’s dedicated number.

Ensure that patient issues are attended to immediately. Improve patient experience and mitigate human error.

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Featured Integrations

Deliver critical EMR alerts to phone

OnPage’s HIPAA-compliant platform integrates with OpenEMR, a popular open-source electronic health records (EHRs) and medical practice management solution.

The use cases enabled by the OpenEMR integration include the ability to continuously monitor a patient’s electronic medical record and trigger an alert to physicians and/or a care teams via the OnPage smartphone app.

Use your existing scheduler

Automate manual on-call management processes by extending OnPage’s alerting and secure messaging capabilities to your existing scheduling solutions, including Amion.

The integration ensures that on-call physicians automatically receive timely critical notifications originating from OnPage app users, OnPage dispatcher module, email, voicemail, phone calls and medical systems (EMR/EHR) to provide better patient care.

Give patients and staff instant 24/7 access to on-call physicians while eliminating the need (and costs!) for operators or dispatchers.

Note: While OnPage’s alerting app integrates with several other scheduling solution providers, users may not be able to view their schedules on their phone app. To overcome this limitation, we recommend switching to OnPage’s native scheduler, which enables users to access schedules on the go.

Clinical Communications Platform

Unmatched 24x7 Support

OnPage offers 24×7 support to all healthcare clients, ensuring that system administrators and care teams receive quality support services at any time. Users always receive immediate answers from a friendly and knowledgeable OnPage support staff.

Clinical Communications Platform

Implementation Strategy

Clinical Communications Platform

    • What is clinical communication?

      Clinical communication refers to the exchange of information among healthcare professionals within a clinical setting. It encompasses the seamless flow of critical data, messages, and updates among members of the healthcare teams to ensure effective collaboration, timely decision-making, and ultimately, improved patient care.

    • What does a clinical communication solution do?

      A clinical communication solution is a specialized platform designed to enhance communication and collaboration in healthcare settings. It facilitates secure messaging, real-time alerts, and information sharing among healthcare professionals. Additionally, these solutions often integrate features like on-call schedules, critical result notifications, and role-based messaging, streamlining workflows and improving overall efficiency within clinical teams.

    • What are some common integrations for clinical communication platforms?

      Clinical communication platforms often integrate with Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems, allowing seamless and secure access to patient information. They may also integrate with provider scheduling systems, dispatcher tools, organization directories, call center systems, nurse call systems and other third-party tools used in healthcare. Integration with organization directory, scheduling tools, and secure messaging protocols ensures a comprehensive and interconnected communication ecosystem tailored to the specific needs of healthcare providers.

    • How can my clinic/hospital choose the right clinical communication vendor?

      Selecting the right clinical communication vendor is crucial for the success of your healthcare communication strategy. Consider factors such as:


      Integration Capabilities: Ensure the platform can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, such as EHRs and other healthcare software.


      Security and Compliance: Prioritize vendors that adhere to healthcare data security standards and compliance regulations to protect patient information.


      User-Friendly Interface: Choose a solution with an intuitive and user-friendly interface to encourage widespread adoption among healthcare staff.


      Scalability: Select a vendor that can scale its solution to accommodate the growing needs of your clinic or hospital.


      Training and Support: Look for vendors that provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure a smooth implementation process and continued success in utilizing the platform.


      By carefully considering these factors, you can identify a clinical communication vendor that aligns with the unique requirements of your clinic or hospital.


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