OnPage incident management

OnPage supports healthcare personnel

Clinical Communications Platform

  • HIPAA complaint secure two-way messaging
  • Send messages and alerts in seconds
  • Individual and group escalation
  • Sync contacts to your device
  • Web based portal access
  • Audit trails with read/delivery confirmation.
  • Remote wipe capability
  • Multiple message redundancy and failover options
  • Fault proof scheduler
  • Real time reporting

OnPage spoke to HIPAA Scholar and Lawyer Matthew Fisher on how to avoid a HIPAA fine in our latest WEBINAR

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Alerting Manager

Centralize communications can bring medical teams into one communications platform.

OnPage alert is up-to 5 times faster than pagers, has built-in rich messaging and attachments. Persistent alerts for up-to 8 hours

Group teams and set escalation criteria for each team, know which provider is offline and access contact details all in one place.

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On-Call Shift Manager

Automate alert notifications via rule based algorithms that go out to the right person on-call.

Schedule on-call shifts and rotations in the digital scheduler.

Group incident responders in the order you wish the alert escalation to go out.

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Patient Communications

Give patients the ability to call in and leave a call back number that gets directly to the doctor’s OnPage Pager App

Patients and dispatchers have the ability to send a page to doctors using Phone and Secure Email

Connect patients to with their doctor through phone trees that allow access to internal departments and sister facilities.

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HIPAA Secure Messaging

Healthcare organizations must follow secure messaging practices that include:

  • a sign-on process
  • encrypted messaging
  • delivery and read receipts
  • date and time stamps
  • customized messaging retention time frames
  • specified contact lists

OnPage provides all these features right on your smartphone in a fashion that’s easy to set-up and use. We provide a unique solution for doctors and nurses to receive alerts on their smartphones and respond to alerts immediately

Our HIPAA complaint critical messaging service enables healthcare providers to communicate via encrypted and secure text communication with their employees as well as each other. OnPage messages are SSL encrypted and can only be viewed by message participants. Furthermore, OnPage has remote wipe capabilities to further ensure HIPAA compliance.

Summary Of The HIPAA Rule

Seven Big Problems With Using Pagers In Healthcare

Pagers are problematic in healthcare. Several leading institutions note that their physicians have missed pages. Here are a few of the findings from important research studies on the problems with pagers:

  • Pagers cost over $1.7 M per year in lost productivity
  • Many users prefer smart device platform over pagers
  • Pagers lack encryption
  • Pagers are increasingly run on an aging infrastructure that is not being updated

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4 Paths To Minimize Alert Fatigue In Healthcare

What can be done to remedy the noise and make alerts more intelligent and actionable? This whitepaper looks at this very issue and delves into:

  • Technologies causing alert fatigue
  • The impact of alerts on quality of care
  • The relief which secure messaging platforms can bring practitioners

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8 HIPAA Compliant Messaging Myths Dispelled

8 HIPAA Secure Messaging Myths Dispelled details how:

  • Using pagers instead of smartphones hurts the efficiency and security of hospitals
  • Using smartphones can actually improve patient outcomes and enable them to leave the hospital sooner.
  • HIPAA secure messaging can improve healthcare communications by 43%.

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