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Behavioral Health

What's Behavioral Health?

Behavioral health focuses on improving the wellbeing of patients to ensure they make a positive impact on society. The objective is to create a mutually beneficial relationship between the patient’s mind, actions and behaviors.

Per the World Health Organization (WHO), mental health disorders have increased by 13 percent in the last decade. Further, the WHO states that 20 percent of the world’s adolescent population are experiencing or have experienced mental illnesses including, anxiety, depression and more. Equally as concerning, more than 264 million people worldwide suffer from depression or similar conditions.

Common Sources of Mental Health Conditions

Mental health conditions are commonly caused by workplace pressures, everyday stress or negative thoughts. Disorders do not discriminate—they impact all demographics (e.g., age and gender).

Recent data reaffirms the importance of behavioral health therapy and treatment. Immediate, continuous patient care helps lessen the effects of serious conditions and substance abuse. Through mental health services, patients can adopt coping skills and techniques to overcome day-to-day obstacles.

Behavioral Health

Continuous Industry Success

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Benefits | How OnPage Helps Behavioral Health Organizations


Behavioral Health

The OnPage clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) system ensures that organizations provide rapid clinical care and response for patients. OnPage empowers large and medium-sized organizations to deliver exceptional mental health services when it matters the most.

OnPage provides better communication and accelerates workflows to drive positive outcomes. With OnPage, patients are always connected with their mental health specialists and providers. Direct, immediate patient-to-clinician communication makes all the difference in life-and-death situations.

OnPage provides:

  • Direct phone lines with live calls:

    Dedicated lines allow patients to dial one number to reach a clinician’s office. If the patient’s call is answered, the patient connects with the mental health representative on a real-time phone call. If not answered, the patient’s call is escalated to the next therapist in line. Patients can also leave voicemails and callback numbers.

  • Secure, intelligent technology:

    OnPage’s CC&C system replaces antiquated pagers and provides HIPAA-compliant, secure messaging and instant two-way communications. The system consists of a secure mobile application and web management console.

  • Distinguishable, real-time mobile alerts:

    After completing the message via the OnPage dispatcher, an on-call clinician will automatically receive a high-priority, mobile alert. OnPage notifications bypass the silent switch on all mobile devices, and clinicians are always aware of patient issues.

  • Detailed reports and insights:

    View who read an OnPage alert and determine the level of efficiency when responding to patient issues. Organizations can optimize workflows to improve patient outcomes and deliver exceptional service.