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Ticketing and alert management on a single platform

ServiceNow integration takes advantage of the power of the ServiceNow platform to deliver intelligent, automated alerts through the OnPage platform and app. This integration application was purpose-built on the ServiceNow platform to ensure the best performance for many use cases across the enterprise and provides configuration options that are not available in any other solution, making OnPage the clear choice in incident alert management. The integration is available through the ServiceNow Store.

Competitors require admins to manage notification contents, typically on their platform. OnPage is the only solution to allow users to create and update their own notifications within ServiceNow. OnPage also allows users to create and update their own subscriptions (also called rules or triggers) that define when notifications should be sent.

Other systems require weeks of development and code changes to add more triggers. With OnPage, if you can build a report, you can build a subscription.

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Easy to set up, use and manage

Connecting your ServiceNow instance to your OnPage account is as simple as signing in with your OnPage Dispatcher credentials!

From there, the OnPage integration app (powered by ServiceNow Guided Tours) visually steps you through each part of the integration. Once the tour has completed, the integration is ready to begin using right away, and responses to notifications are automatically recorded in ServiceNow with no additional setup. The integration is compatible with OnPage’s incident alert and on-call scheduling features enabled during setup. No coding or administrative experience is required.

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The OnPage integration delivers list and form views in ServiceNow for maximum ease of use.

Menus are contained within a single module, and lists and forms are arranged to put important information front and center. Additional instructions are provided in many places to provide additional clarity on how to use the integration. Unlike competitors that utilize administrator-defined templates (message contents), OnPage users can define their own templates using both static text and dynamic variables. Additionally, they can select from multiple templates shared by an application administrator.

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Management of the integrated solutions does not require a ServiceNow administrator or developer.

Admins can grant rights to Application Administrators to perform all the necessary functions for managing and maintaining the integration. This includes creating shared templates and responses, managing user subscriptions and templates, setting application preferences (including enabling incident alert and on-call scheduling) and troubleshooting. The integration also comes with an administrative dashboard that provides real-time details about the performance and health of the integration.

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Enterprise-ready incident alert management

Built for flexibility

Unlike most solutions, the OnPage integration with ServiceNow is built to allow for flexibility and expansion across the enterprise without the need to engage a technical resource. It allows non-technical users to build rules and alerts for eight commonly used Task-type records in ServiceNow by default, but expanding notifications to other Task-type records can be done in minutes. Application or system administrators can setup ServiceNow to support notifications from nearly every table in ServiceNow with minimal development.


The OnPage integration automatically tracks and retries notifications which are slow or temporarily unable to send. If the integration is unable to deliver a notification after multiple attempts (adjustable threshold), built-in alerting notifies administrators and OnPage Support. Admins can use the OnPage Integration Status dashboard to manage, retry, or cancel failed notifications. Both users and admins are can access links to Support in the navigation menus.

Powerful Reply Automation

While many systems can perform actions on tickets, the OnPage integration performs actions natively—the scripting is performed inside ServiceNow and not by an API integration. This provides broader capabilities, without needing to grant security permissions to an external platform. Admins can script simple functions, like changing ticket assignment or state, and share the script with all users. They can also script advanced functions, like updating related records, triggering scripts and jobs, performing lookups, and more. Because these scripts run inside ServiceNow, it reduces network and internet traffic and protects the performance of both ServiceNow and OnPage.

3 unique modes-of-use centered on end users

NEW! OnPage BlastIT enables mass notification on ServiceNow

With the ServiceNow integration, OnPage’s mass notification feature enables teams to quickly and easily update users before, during and following any type of emergency, potential threats or crisis events right from the ServiceNow dashboard.

Keep your employees, vendors and clients informed of any critical situation while maintaining rock solid communications. Emergency messages can be pre-configured so that when time is of the essence and precise communication is essential to keep everyone safe, your team can act quickly and effectively.

Will Young
Solution Architect
GlideFast Consulting

“Selecting a powerful, flexible communication platform is as important as the ticketing tools you attach it to. That’s why I’m excited about the OnPage Integration app for ServiceNow–its purpose-built design makes it the ideal solution for small, large, and growing organizations. Managing the app is so simple, I wish it had been available when I was leading communication projects for healthcare! As a Solution Architect, I’m glad to recommend OnPage to my customers needing reliable, affordable, and dynamic notifications from their ServiceNow instance.”

ServiceNow Integration Benefits

  • Alert teams quickly and automatically to resolve incidents faster and more effectively
  • Reduce human errors by eliminating the need to manually enter information in two systems
  • Manage teams, alert escalations, reply options and alerting workflows from a single platform
  • Gain complete visibility to ticket progress with alert audit trails
  • Update the ticket in real time directly from the OnPage application on the mobile device instead of waiting until the incident is resolved
  • Identify and respond to IT performance issues faster and more efficiently with OnPage templates embedded into ServiceNow
  • Schedule your team and alerting protocol on either the ServiceNow calendar or the OnPage system
  • Deploy mass notifications to employees, customers, or vendors right from the ServiceNow dashboard