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Incident Communications: State and Local Government

State and local government communications consist of the platforms and processes used to manage emergencies. Government bodies leverage alerting solutions and mass notification platforms, to immediately notify and inform recipients of a critical event. The objective is to share critical information promptly to avert the impact of an emergency.

local government communications

Automate Incident Alerts and Reach The Right Recipients

Incident Management & Collaboration

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OnPage is an industry-leading, secure incident management system with patented ALERT-UNTIL-READ technology. State and local government bodies can directly reach organizational “first responders,” who need to know about the critical event to remediate it promptly. Local governments can immediately coordinate with critical responders through a secure, HIPAA-compliant mobile application.

OnPage BlastIT Mass Notifications

local government communications

BlastIT mass notifications enable local governments to easily inform the public before, during and following any type of potential crisis. It is imperative for government bodies to have a well-thought-out, reliable communication plan, to quickly reach residents affected in an emergency. Residents can receive simultaneous messages via SMS, email and/or phone call.

OnPage BlastIT Mass Notifications

local government communications

What's a Mass Alerting System?

Mass alerting platforms enhance crisis management programs. They enable government bodies to automate and streamline crisis communications during a time-sensitive event. Public safety notifications mitigate the impact of the crisis on employees, internal departments, residents and localities. Instructions can be included in the message to keep recipients prepared, organized and safe.

The Need for a Mass Alerting System

The system enables government organizations to keep the public informed on events including, malicious activities, natural disasters, pandemics, travel risks and more. Mass notification systems help keep the public safe in times of crisis.

BlastIT, OnPage’s mass alerting system, improves on legacy emergency notification platforms. It is a reliable platform that is used by large government organizations across the country. BlastIT messages can be delivered to SMS, email and/or voice, and it does not require additional hardware or software to use.


local government communications

Unmatched Performance | BlastIT Mass Alerting System


local government communications

OnPage Incident Management for Critical Responders

OnPage Helps Remediate Critical Events Promptly

OnPage provides a robust incident management system for government. State and local government agencies can directly reach critical responders. OnPage enhances government-to-responder communications and ensures that critical information is shared promptly. Immediate information sharing leads to fast responder dispatching times.

OnPage’s incident management platform offers:

  • Hosted private cloud reliability and message encryption
  • Alert-Until-Read mobile alerts that bypass the silent switch
  • Digital on-call schedules to task and manage response teams
  • Secure two-way communications
  • Alert escalations when on-call responders are unavailable
  • Real-time presence statuses and post-incident reports

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OnPage Incident Management Features

Continuous Industry Success

OnPage is a G2 Leader for incident alert management, consistently receiving recognition for high performance and user satisfaction. Read more reviews!

Brochure: OnPage for Government Response Teams

OnPage for government enables response teams to address an agency’s critical incidents promptly. The goal is to accelerate the delivery of key public services, glitch-free at a lower cost. Learn more by downloading the free brochure.

local government communications

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local government communications