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Live Call Routing: How It Works


live call routing

Reach the Right Person at the Right Time

Live Call Routing’s effectiveness is attributed to its automation. “Turns” or on-call assignments are created with OnPage’s trusted, automated scheduler, ensuring that the right responder automatically receives the urgent call.

Overview of the Process

The process begins when a caller dials a dedicated OnPage number. Based on the organization’s schedule configurations, the right on-call responder receives the call on mobile. If answered, the responder connects on a live call with the caller, ensuring that their problems are resolved promptly. If not answered, the call is escalated to the on-call group.

In the unlikely case that all on-call members do not respond, the caller is then prompted to leave a callback number and/or voicemail. That way, all members become aware of the caller’s urgent issues. The voicemail may also be transcribed into text for reader’s convenience and information privacy. If the on-call team completely fails to respond to the caller, failover reports are generated and delivered to managers to improve the Live Call Routing process for future events.

Real-Time Access

Simplify the process for customers to reach multiple individuals, groups or departments in a business through one dedicated number.

Live Call Routing

Automation and Escalation

Through OnPage’s automation and escalation policies, critical alerts are sent to the right person responsible for the incident. Regardless of the incident responder’s location, critical alerts will always reach their mobile devices.

Live Call Routing

Streamline After-Hours Calls

Streamline after-hours communication, allowing customers to leave a callback number and/or voicemail.

Brand Your Line in Multiple Languages

Enable business branding with personalized, automated greetings and bilingual phone trees.

Live Call Routing

Global Access Numbers

Whether it is local or international numbers, callers always reach the right person promptly.

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Feature Focus:

Live Call Routing Reports

Gain intelligent insights into your team’s live call routing usage with time stamps and response statuses via OnPage’s reporting dashboard for Live Call Routing. Response team managers can export the customizable reports for further analysis.

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OnPage is a G2 Leader for incident alert management, consistently receiving recognition for high performance and user satisfaction. Read more reviews!