OnPage prioritizes security and compliance by implementing robust encryption, user authentication, access controls, audit trails, message retention policies, and secure attachment features to support secure messaging and protect patient health information and other sensitive data exchanged within the platform.

End-to-End Encryption

All messages sent through OnPage are encrypted from end to end, ensuring that the contents of the messages are protected from unauthorized access or interception. This encryption technology ensures the confidentiality and privacy of patient health information and other sensitive data shared through the messaging system.

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User Authentication

OnPage employs robust user authentication mechanisms to verify the identities of users accessing the system. Users are required to authenticate themselves using secure login credentials, such as usernames, passwords, or multifactor authentication methods, before they can access the messaging features.

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Access Controls

OnPage allows organizations to implement access controls and permissions to restrict access to messaging features and patient health information based on user roles, responsibilities, and privileges. Access controls ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive data and messaging functionalities within the platform.

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Audit Trails

OnPage maintains comprehensive audit trails of all messaging activities, including message creation, transmission, receipt, and access. Audit trails record detailed information about message timestamps, sender and recipient identities, message contents, and any actions taken by users. These audit logs facilitate accountability, compliance, and forensic analysis in the event of security incidents or data breaches.

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Message Retention Policies

OnPage allows organizations to define message retention policies to govern the storage and retention of messaging data. Organizations can set policies specifying how long messages are retained, and when they are automatically deleted or archived. Message retention policies help organizations comply with regulatory requirements and data protection standards.

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Secure Attachments

OnPage supports the secure exchange of file attachments, such as documents, images, and medical records, within the messaging system. Attachments are encrypted during transmission and stored securely within the platform, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of the attached files.

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