Manage critical results effectively by facilitating timely communication, appropriate escalation, secure collaboration, documentation, and integration with clinical systems.


Immediate Notification

OnPage overrides the mute switch on the mobile device to provide an immediate notification mechanism for critical results, ensuring that the responsible care team members are alerted promptly when critical findings are detected.

Notifications can be delivered via mobile alerts that continue to alert until-read (pager like), automated phone call, or desktop notifications, ensuring that the relevant individuals are informed in real-time.

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Escalation Policies

OnPage allows organizations to define escalation policies for handling critical results. If the primary recipient does not acknowledge or respond to the critical result notification within a specified timeframe, the notification can be automatically escalated to backup personnel.

Escalation policies ensure that critical results are not overlooked, and that appropriate action is taken promptly.

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Role-based Alerting

OnPage supports role-based alerting, enabling critical result notifications to be sent with High-Priority (Pager-like) directed to the appropriate care team members based on their specialties, responsibilities, and availability.

For example, critical lab results may be routed to the ordering physician, while critical imaging findings may be sent to the radiologist and the primary care provider simultaneously. Role-based alerting ensures that critical results are communicated to the individuals best equipped to handle the situation.

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Secure Messaging

OnPage offers secure messaging capabilities for discussing and coordinating follow-up actions in response to critical results. Care team members can engage in real-time communication, share additional information, discuss treatment options, and make decisions collaboratively within a secure and HIPAA-compliant environment.

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Documentation and Reporting

OnPage enables the documentation and tracking of critical result notifications and follow-up actions. Care team members can document their acknowledgment of critical results, as well as any interventions or follow-up steps taken in response. Documentation ensures accountability, facilitates continuity of care, and provides an audit trail for quality assurance.

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