Centralized Notification System

Gain a centralized system for receiving and managing alarms from various medical devices, such as patient monitors, infusion pumps, ventilators, and telemetry systems. Instead of alarms sounding only at the location of the device, they are routed to the appropriate healthcare providers’ mobile devices or desktops through the communication platform.

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Role-Based Alerting

Allow healthcare organizations to configure alarm notifications based on predefined roles and responsibilities. Critical alarms may be escalated to specific clinicians or response teams based on their expertise and availability. Role-based alerting ensures that the right person receives the alarm on their phone app promptly, improving response times and patient safety.



Escalation Policies

Enable healthcare delivery organizations to create escalation policies to ensure that alarms are addressed promptly if the initial recipient does not respond within a specified timeframe. Escalation policies may include automatic notifications to backup personnel or supervisors to ensure that alarms are not overlooked or ignored.

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Integration with Clinical Systems

Integration capabilities allow clinical communication platforms to interface with electronic health record (EHR) systems and medical device networks, providing context-rich information along with alarm notifications. Clinicians can access relevant patient data, vital signs, medication information, and previous alarm history directly within the communication platform, facilitating informed decision-making and prioritization of responses.



Two-way Communication

Unlike traditional pager systems, clinical communication platforms support two-way communication, allowing recipients to acknowledge, escalate, or respond to alarms directly from their mobile devices. This bidirectional communication enhances collaboration and ensures that alarm notifications are acted upon promptly.

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Documentation and Audit Trails

Clinical communication platforms often include features for documenting alarm responses, actions taken, and follow-up activities. These platforms maintain audit trails of alarm notifications and responses, which can be valuable for quality improvement initiatives, compliance with regulatory requirements, and retrospective analysis of alarm management processes.

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