What’s Real-Time and Post-Event Reporting

Post-event reporting capabilities allow healthcare professionals to access comprehensive records of past communications and incidents. This includes message time stamps, alerts, responses, and escalation paths associated with patient care.

Real-time reporting provides time-stamped insights into message delivery and read receipts, improving accountability and ensuring critical alerts are not overlooked. This feature transforms communication from a “send and forget” situation to a proactive process where message status is actively monitored, leading to more responsive and effective care delivery.


OnPage’s Real-Time and Post-Mortem Reporting

OnPage collects comprehensive data on communication activities, including message exchanges, response times and user interactions. This data is aggregated to empower organizations with robust analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling them to optimize communication workflows, improve efficiency, and enhance patient care outcomes.


Sophisticated Dashboard Data

OnPage’s dashboard gives healthcare organizations at-a-glance insights into communication metrics, such as message volume, response times, and user engagement.


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Real-Time Monitoring

OnPage offers real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing administrators to track communication activities as they occur. The reporting dashboard provides quick, real-time views into all activities, including the number of messages exchanged between providers, top responders and methods deployed to respond to an incident.

With these insights, healthcare management can understand workloads and resources better, and view resolution progress and response times.

They can also determine which team members spend the most time responding to issues and redesign communication workflows and on-call schedules to promote equitable workload.

Post-Mortem Reporting

Real-Time Audit Trails

Healthcare teams gain instant visibility into incident notifications, escalations and acknowledgments via time-stamped audit trails. This report shows the subject of the alert message, when it was created, who responded and when.

Healthcare management uses real-time audit trails to ensure that incidents are managed effectively by the right people at the right time.

Post-Mortem Reporting

Downloadable Reports

Post-incident reviews (PIRs) and post-mortem meetings are now easier to prepare with downloadable metrics reports. Teams can review the data, discuss and discover any issues. By examining the data, teams can take actionable steps to improve incident response performance.

Downloadable reports provide information on the number of alerts sent and the quantity of incidents that occurred. These reports also offer a record of time-stamped responses, missed notifications and the team members involved in responding to an incident.

Reports reveal whether the incident response workload is equally distributed across teams. Administrators can take steps to balance the workload to ensure that respondents are always motivated.

Post-Mortem Reporting

Video: OnPage Post-Mortem Reporting

Gain instant visibility into your team’s incident load by month and response performance through OnPage’s Reporting Dashboard. Watch the video to learn more. 

New Feature Enhancements

Message Notes on Report Console

The OnPage reporting console now allows users to compose incident notes. Transcribe what occurred during the incident and detail when critical events were resolved. OnPage message notes are fully downloadable and perfect for post-incident analysis.


Powerful Live Call Routing Reports

Gain intelligent insights into your team’s live call routing usage with time stamps and response statuses via OnPage’s Live Call Routing reporting dashboard. Managers can export these customizable reports for further incident analysis.


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