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OnPage features

Modernize Clinical Workflows

OnPage 4.0 empowers care teams to receive immediate notifications and clear messages that detail the situation, background, assessment and recommendation (SBAR) of an incident. The new enhancements and features enable care teams to:

  • Improve user management and console security.
  • Analyze incident handling for better, optimized workload distribution.
  • Provide easy access to healthcare for communities and alleviate health inequities.

Designed for Modern Care Teams

The OnPage clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) platform is effective, progressive, reliable and secure. OnPage’s complete CC&C system consists of a HIPAA-compliant mobile application and a web-based enterprise management console.

OnPage CC&C helps organizations improve the accountability and responsiveness of care teams, and it allows managers to set up fail-safe on-call schedules and escalation policies for alert redundancy.

OnPage provides historical and real-time incident reports for care team managers. With these insights, managers can better estimate on-call workloads and reassign upcoming incidents to others to minimize clinician burnout and fatigue.