OnPage facilitates patient and family engagement by offering features tailored to promote communication between patients, their family members, and healthcare providers. While healthcare providers typically initiate calls to patients, when necessary, patients may encounter difficulties reaching out to their healthcare providers. OnPage addresses this challenge with the following key features:


Post-Procedure Live Call Communication

Patients can initiate direct, live calls to the on-call provider using an OnPage-provided line. OnPage then seamlessly bridges the call to the on-call provider’s mobile device based on the most updated schedule, enabling real-time communication between the patient and the healthcare provider.

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After-Hours Patient Communication

Patients have the option to call an OnPage-provided line after hours and leave a voicemail or text message for the provider. This voicemail is then attached to an OnPage message, which is promptly ‘paged’ to the provider, ensuring timely access to patient communications even outside of regular business hours.

How It Works: Direct Communication


When patients need to connect with a physician on a live call, OnPage automates the process and includes escalation paths.

The process begins when a patient dials the care team’s dedicated line and is prompted to select a phone option to connect with an on-call physician on a live call. If the patient’s call is picked up, an on-call physician connects with the patient on a real-time call and tends to his health-related issues.

If the patient’s call is not answered by an on-call physician, the call is directed within an escalation group, consisting of care team members. In the unlikely case that all on-call physicians do not answer, the patient is then prompted to leave a voicemail with a callback number. The voicemail is escalated within the on-call team until addressed and responded to. The process concludes with the generation of detailed OnPage reports, audit trails and status updates.

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