OnPage supports interoperability by integrating with healthcare systems, providing APIs and complying with standardized communication protocols. It enables seamless data exchange, collaboration, and communication among healthcare providers, ultimately improving patient care outcomes and enhancing the efficiency of healthcare delivery.


Integration with Healthcare Systems

Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with electronic health record (EHR) critical notifications, chat apps, and other relevant systems used within the healthcare environment. Critical alerts can be escalated to the appropriate team members using OnPage as a High-Priority notification, if critical, or a Low-Priority, if not.

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Standardized Communication Protocols

OnPage adheres to standardized communication protocols and data formats, such as HL7 (Health Level Seven) and FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), to ensure compatibility and interoperability with other healthcare systems and applications. Standardized communication protocols enable seamless data exchange and interoperability, regardless of the specific technology or vendor used.


APIs and Web Services

OnPage provides application programming interfaces (APIs) and web services that allow external systems and applications to access and exchange data with OnPage. APIs enable third-party developers to integrate our platform with other healthcare systems, build custom applications, and develop innovative solutions that enhance interoperability and extend the functionality of our product.

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