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What Is Fail-Safe Scheduling?

Fail-safe is a design element that minimizes or eliminates the impact of a failure on applications, people and processes.

A fail-safe scheduler gives response teams peace of mind knowing there is continuous, error-free coverage when schedules are populated incorrectly. Fail-safe scheduling notifies the entire on-call team ensuring that no incident remains unanswered.

Organizations can use fail-safe scheduling capabilities to democratize schedule creation.

fail-safe scheduling

Benefits of Fail-Safe Scheduling

Reliable, Error-Free Scheduling

Team members can log in to OnPage’s native enterprise scheduler and make changes to on-call rotations as needed. Users can pick or drop shifts without worrying about “dropped incidents” caused by schedule misconfigurations.

If schedules are incorrectly created, the system will notify all team members. Fail-safe scheduling allows team members to “own” the schedule creation process and improve job satisfaction levels and reduce employee fatigue.


fail-safe scheduling

Digital On-Call Schedules

Digital on-call scheduling is the process of creating defined times, schedules and rotations for shift members via a web console interface. Digital on-call scheduling is key to ensuring that time-sensitive alerts are addressed promptly without human error.

The digital on-call schedule is used to automatically alert designated team members when a critical incident occurs. Members of an on-call team respond to critical alerts during after-hours, vacation times and weekend periods.

Organizations can use the powerful, natively built digital scheduler to assign incidents to recipients. Based on schedule configurations, automated high-priority alerts will be sent to the on-call recipient’s mobile device.

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Benefits of OnPage's On-Call Scheduling

Fail-Safe Scheduling

Manages Alert Fatigue and Burnout

Digital on-call scheduling enables teams across industries to better manage on-call staff and maintain their productivity levels. Since responsibilities are rotated and represented in the digital schedule, workloads are balanced and fair so alert fatigue and burnout are minimized.

Minimizes Response Time

When teams face time-sensitive incidents, the fail-safe, on-call scheduling system accelerates incident response by forwarding critical notifications to the right on-call member in real time. The scheduler natively integrates with OnPage’s notification system and automates message delivery to the on-call member. No more scrambling through paper on-call schedules and deciphering codes to connect incidents to on-call staff.

Enables Use of a Mobile Solution

By combining the fail-safe on-call scheduling platform with a phone-based alerting solution, such as the OnPage secure pager app, notifications can be sent directly to responders’ smartphones. This powerful integration translates critical messages into persistent and prominent mobile alerts.

Note: You can integrate your existing scheduling solution with OnPage’s paging app. However, users won’t gain visibility into their schedules on the app.

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Featured On-Call Scheduler Capabilities

delay notifications

Delay Notifications

OnPage allows administrators to configure Delay Notifications on the on-call web management console. When a Delay Notification schedule is active, OnPage queues all messages that are sent during specified times or “delay hours.” These OnPage messages are only delivered to users at the end of the Delay Notification schedule.

On-Call Schedule Exceptions

On-call schedule exception comes in handy when a user needs to switch on-call times with another user for a specific time frame or when a system administrator wants to make an exception to a recurring schedule for a date range. At the end of the schedule exception, the original schedule reverts to its initial setup.


change log

Schedule Change Log

OnPage’s fail-safe scheduling system democratizes the schedule creation process, allowing authorized users to make changes to their schedule when life happens. The Schedule Change Log introduces accountability to the process and ensures that employees take ownership of their actions.

With the Schedule Change Log option, organizations gain complete visibility into all the changes made to on-call schedules. The report provides comprehensive information on who made scheduling changes with timestamps.

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