Advancing Autotask With Incident Alert Management Platforms

Advancing Autotask With Incident Alert Management Platforms For MSPs, Datto’s Autotask PSA provides a powerful system, offering ticketing and project management capabilities. Though Autotask is an essential solution tool for MSPs and their teams, it becomes even better with an incident alert management platform integration.

Now, if you’re curious to know how Autotask’s integration with incident alert management platforms work, you’re in luck! In this post, I’ll explore how this integration works and how it enhances the Autotask system for today’s MSPs.

From Missed Notifications to Alerts That Can’t Be Ignored

Standard ticketing systems use email to send and receive critical alerts. But of course, this is an enduring and inefficient practice that prevents MSPs from quickly addressing an incident. That’s because email doesn’t sound an alarm for high-priority alerts. This means that important incident notifications get buried in an avalanche of emails, and inevitably critical alerts are missed—not ideal for any MSP business, regardless of its team count or size.

Fortunately, an incident alert management platform ensures that important notifications are always addressed and responded to. For instance, Autotask users can leverage the system to create tickets, and then use its integration with an incident alert management platform to send intrusive, audible alerts to MSP responders. In this way, an MSP can benefit from faster response times, guaranteeing that its business clients don’t experience long-lasting technical disruptions, boosting their satisfaction in the process.

Real-World Use Case: How the Integration Helped an MSP in Pa.

Lehigh Valley Technology Company, a Pennsylvania-based MSP, is always looking for ways to deliver the best possible customer experience. Initially, their incident management process consisted of periodically checking voicemail messages after-hours to see if any clients reported urgent issues (e.g., server downtime or other IT infrastructure matters).

To improve incident resolution time, Lehigh Valley Technology Company (LVTC) switched to an after-hours cellphone that was passed around to the on-call tech. However, if an on-call tech was unavailable—due to illness or other important matters—then another tech would have to physically track down and retrieve the cellphone from the previously tasked MSP responder.

So, how did LVTC finally overcome these challenges and delight their customers? The company adopted OnPage’s incident alert management integration with Datto’s Autotask PSA. By doing so, LVTC team was able to, (1) initiate a ticket through Autotask, (2) automatically trigger alerts to an on-call tech via the OnPage mobile app and (3) guarantee that the tech acknowledged and addressed the issue in a timely fashion.  

Also, the integration allowed the company to escalate critical alerts to the next, designated on-call responder. To further ensure that an alert was addressed, this escalation continued for up to eight hours until the notification was acknowledged or read by a company tech.

Even better, Autotask’s integration with OnPage allowed LVTC to benefit from time-stamped audit trail information, including when an alert was sent, delivered, read and escalated. As an outcome, the MSP increased its team’s accountability, collaboration, employee morale and transparency.

Documented Integration Benefits

For Lehigh Valley Technology Company, high-priority issues were resolved two- to-three times faster with the Autotask-OnPage integration over its previous processes. Percentage-wise, LVTC sped up its incident response by a whopping 300 percent, eliminating missed alerts and improving its customer service in the process!

Also, the integration eliminates the need to carry another device or technology. LVTC was able to trade in voicemail check-ins, and the use of an additional, on-call cellphone for their personal mobile devices, equipped with OnPage’s powerful, incident alert management app.

Further, the integration provides secure text messaging for MSPs—which was beneficial to LVTC due to its client base, consisting of healthcare providers, non-profit companies and financial services organizations. With this level of message security, MSPs such as LVTC, can trust the Autotask-OnPage integration to keep confidential information protected through its secure, HIPAA-compliant, SSL encrypted two-way messaging. In fact, with this level of security, Lehigh Valley Technology Company now offers HIPAA-compliant services to healthcare clients.

Datto’s Autotask PSA provides MSPs with critical ticketing capabilities. Trusted among the MSP community, Autotask becomes even more powerful with its collaboration and relationship with incident alert management platforms.

Interested in equipping Autotask with an incident alert management platform? Request a demo or reach us directly at [email protected].

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