IT Network Alerts

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OnPage IT, server and incident alerts can be initiated from any monitoring service that can send email or SMS. OnPage alerts your Android, iPhone, or BlackBerry device with continuous, prominent alert-until-read notifications, read receipts and audit trails.

Real-Time Notifications

OnPage alerts rise above other communication channels on your smartphone, to ensure time-sensitive notifications are acknowledged immediately. OnPage is a secure, enterprise-grade platform for system alerts, network alerts, server alerts, monitoring alerts and IT alerts. Get real-time notifications when an incident is reported by your IT monitoring systems and solve the critical event before its impact.


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Real-Time Alerts for ITOps

Too many alerts equates too much noise, leaving teams unable to act on critical events. With OnPage, intelligent alerts cut through the noise by bringing critical alerts to the forefront and continuing for up to eight hours until acknowledged. High-priority notifications bypass the silent switch on all mobile devices, ensuring that critical alerts are acknowledged.

IT Network Alerts

IT Network Alerts

Groups, Escalations and Audits

OnPage allows you to send notifications with attachments to individuals or groups on your team. Get instant visibility of issues and receive notifications when messages are read through time-stamped audit trails. Send alerts as low or high-priority messages. If a team member is unavailable, escalate the alert to the next on-call engineer. Enable redundancies to activate page-to-phone, which allows for a phone call to your smartphone when data connection is weak.

On-Call Rotations

Every group gets their preferred, on-call rotation with on-call scheduling for multiple individuals without limitation to location. Set up schedules for typical rotations, holidays, or weekends–whenever your team needs to be notified.

IT Network Alerts

If it can send an email, SMS, or work via a modem, it will work with OnPage.

IT Network Alerts

Data Center Case Study: Chief Engineer Doug Goss

A major data center was in a critical environment that included large media outlets and telecommunication providers. Extended downtime and slow responses to incidents were not an option. The IT department was experiencing missed alerts, on-call scheduling challenges, unexpected increases in messaging costs and difficulties using their current priority messaging system.

OnPage benefits for the IT team:

  • Cost savings versus an older, less reliable system
  • Solid coverage without gaps, no matter the location
  • Easy to deploy and virtually no learning curve
  • On-call scheduler with alert escalations
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IT Network Alerts

Tech Tips: SolarWinds Whitepaper

The OnPage-SolarWinds integration guide will help you decide which alert action is best for your environment and provide quick steps in configuring each type of alert action that is supported by OnPage.

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IT Network Alerts

IT Critical Alerts: How to Improve Responsiveness

Receiving critical alerts in a timely manner can make the difference between company up-time and down-time. Studies indicate that the cost of a one-hour outage is up to $300,000 or more.

Here are some valuable tips to help guarantee business continuity, safeguard effective IT operations, and ensure that your team receives IT alerts promptly.

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OnPage Customer Testimonial


“OnPage is an easy and reliable service to use. At our company, OnPage quickly enabled us to set up alerts from our monitoring system (SolarWinds) and it’s different from text messages (not reliable and very difficult since we have team members in different countries); it was easy to have a global standard. Also, we were able to avoid types of justifications: ‘I did not get the message.’ OnPage logs could show us if someone received or did not receive the message. Also the escalation feature is very useful.”     

 – Osvaldo T. | OnPage Customer in IT


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