What Is Secure Text Messaging?

Secure text messaging adds another layer of security to two-way clinical communications. Care teams leverage HIPAA-compliant, secure text messaging applications to share protected health information (PHI) across departments. These applications are more reliable and secure than vulnerable, legacy paging technology. Modern organizations are investing in clinical messaging apps to improve provider performance and deliver better patient outcomes.

Healthcare Is Going Mobile

Reports state that nine of 10 healthcare systems are investing in secure text messaging applications. Additionally, 73 percent of hospitals have implemented mobile strategies to meet the needs of clinical departments. Every day, more facilities recognize the value of secure text messaging and how it enhances care team communication and collaboration.

OnPage Is the Perfect Mobile Pager

OnPage is an award-winning clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) solution. The platform consists of an intelligent web console and secure text messaging app.

OnPage is more reliable and secure than traditional pagers. It is 99.9 percent HIPAA-compliant and encrypts data at rest and in transit.

Providers can easily communicate with each other and improve patient care delivery. OnPage alerts bypass the silent switch on all smartphones and instantly notifies the right responders during life-and-death situations.

The OnPage service has streamlined clinical workflows for many large and small facilities across the globe.

Secure Text Messaging

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Secure Text Messaging

Secure Text Messaging on Your Smartphone!

OnPage is the perfect paging system. Some of OnPage’s robust features include:

  • High-priority alerts that bypass the silent switch on all phones
  • Configurable alert escalation policies
  • Two-way messaging with rich content and attachments
  • Contact sync capabilities
  • Configurable on-call digital schedules
  • Secure, encrypted team communication
  • Remote data wipe of sensitive patient information
  • Repeated, intrusive mobile alert delivery
  • Post-incident reports, data and analytics

OnPage | New Features and Integrations

Override Silent Switch and DND Mode on All Devices

OnPage is one of the very few pager replacement services to override the silent switch on iOS and Do Not Disturb (DND) mode on all devices. This ensures that all OnPage high-priority, critical alerts are addressed and heard regardless of one’s mobile phone configurations or system settings.

Secure Text Messaging

On-Call Presence Statuses

Healthcare organizations now have access to detailed presence information. OnPage’s pager replacement solution provides physicians and nurses with access to presence information so they know if team members are on call and logged in.

OnPage-OpenEMR integration

Combine the power of patient record management with contextual, real-time alerting to bolster decision-making and improve patient care.

Using OnPage’s API, OnPage makes web service requests to OpenEMR records. When established criteria are met (i.e., a change in the EMR that is significant enough to trigger an alert), OnPage receives a response along with relevant information and files to include in an alert to the appropriate physician and/or care team.


OnPage-Amion Integration

The integration combines OnPage intelligent alerts with Amion’s popular scheduling solution. Through the integration, healthcare facilities can give patients instant 24/7 access to on-call physicians while eliminating the costs associated with expensive call center services. Dedicated lines with live call routing capabilities are included in the integration.

White Paper: Impacts of Insecure Texting on Healthcare

52% of doctors and nurses use insecure texting methods to communicate with one another. This means that over half of all messaging by doctors and nurses could expose privileged patient information to unauthorized viewers or hackers.

In our latest white paper, “Impacts of Insecure Texting on Healthcare,” we detail:

  • How insecure texting impacts hospital security
  • The impact of insecure texting on patient privacy
  • How insecure texting impacts the quality of patient care

Read our white paper to learn the risks your institution runs if you don’t end insecure texting.

Secure Text Messaging

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