SOC Analysts and Alert Fatigue

Alert fatigue is a major challenge faced by security operations center (SOC) teams managing cybersecurity. The stakes are even higher since they take on the enormous responsibility of maintaining networks and data systems. One small, fatigue-induced negligence can compromise an organization’s IT infrastructure and cost a business millions of dollars. Per a recent CISCO report, 44 percent of security alerts go uninvestigated due to talent scarcity and alert fatigue originating from a multiplicity of security solutions.

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Managing Cyber Risk at Scale

Cloud Access Security Broker Enhanced With OnPage

As businesses scale up, so do their attack surface. A potential point of security compromise is when users perform unauthorized actions. A solution such as cloud access security broker (CASB) establishes and enforces policies, reducing risks associated with cloud applications.

However, organizations are weary of sharing global admin credentials with CASB software, leaving it incapable of enforcing policies in real time. An alert management system such as OnPage notifies and orchestrates SOC teams to enforce policies in real time. The loud, persistent and distinguishable OnPage alert ensures that no critical message goes unnoticed and is always acknowledged.


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Extend CloudWatch’s Functionality With OnPage

Companies rely on Amazon CloudWatch to monitor critical IT infrastructure across their cloud deployment. With CloudWatch, IT teams can be notified of anomalies in their cloud ecosystem via many delivery channels, such as email and SMS.

However, CloudWatch cannot orchestrate alerts and ensure that alerts are persistent until read. To drive more value from CloudWatch and AWS investments, IT teams must have access to tools that aggregate critical alerts and route them to the right team based on routing rules, escalation policies and on-call schedules. OnPage ensures that CloudWatch alerts are loud and clear.


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OnPage Benefits for Cybersecurity Analysts