Top Five Reasons Why Companies Are Choosing OnPage Over Competitors

incident management system OnPage’s intelligent incident management system is the alerting solution of choice for industry-leading organizations. Since the beginning, companies have invested in the OnPage system for its advanced capabilities, out-of-the-box integrations and unmatched 24/7 customer support. 

Though we can provide a comprehensive view into OnPage’s competitive advantage, here are the top five reasons why customers continue to trust OnPage’s incident management system. 

1. Incident Responders Never Miss Critical Alerts 

OnPage is one of the very few incident management systems to bypass the silent switch on iOS and Android devices. OnPage high-priority alerts are always received regardless of one’s mute button settings. OnPage triggers distinguishable, persistent and loud mobile alerts until acknowledged by the responder. This way, alerts can’t be missed or overlooked in time-sensitive events. 

“OnPage provides a secure and easy-to-use HIPAA-compliant platform for messaging clinical staff about sensitive PHC. It’s simple enough for the non tech-native users in the group to access [OnPage] with ease.”                                                                                                                David T., M.D. | Large Boston-based healthcare organization

With OnPage alerting, IT response teams are immediately notified of clients’ infrastructure issues. Engineers can quickly respond to incidents and minimize their mean time to repair (MTTR). Better incident management results in client satisfaction and beneficial client-to-engineer relationships. 

In life-and-death situations, OnPage ensures that healthcare providers are immediately notified of patient issues. Accordingly, physicians can provide timely treatment to achieve maximum patient satisfaction. The OnPage system is committed to HIPAA compliance and ensures that facilities meet HIPAA regulations. OnPage’s HIPAA compliance and persistent notifications differentiate the incident management system from industry competitors. 

2. OnPage Eliminates Alert Fatigue and Boosts Team Morale

Alert fatigue results from responders receiving too many alerts rather than having the burden of alerting distributed among team members. If alert fatigue isn’t properly managed, many team members will burn out and become disgruntled. 

OnPage’s incident management system eliminates alert fatigue and burnout through its on-call scheduler. The on-call scheduler is accessible on the OnPage web console and provides capabilities made for one’s organizational needs. Managers use on-call scheduling to create team rotations or “turns,” ensuring that the incident response workload is evenly distributed. 

3. Out-of-the-Box Integrations With ITSM Tools and Healthcare Systems

Customers invest in OnPage for its out-of-the-box integrations with popular IT service management (ITSM) tools. With OnPage, IT teams perfect their monitoring and ticketing tools with intelligent mobile alerts. 

“OnPage integrates well, allowing our team to control when notifications come in. The ability to use a locally installed application on our phones is a plus.”                                                                                   Troy H., IT director | Global commerce consulting firm

OnPage’s incident management system offers bi-directional integrations with ConnectWise Manage, ServiceNow, Datto’s Autotask PSA and more. Bi-directional integrations give managers access to audit trails of alerts sent through ITSM tools, providing real-time visibility into ticket progress and incident status. OnPage’s incident management system incorporates ITSM alerts into ITSM ecosystems to improve teams’ event response. 

In healthcare, care teams leverage OnPage integrations with Amion physician scheduling and OpenEMR. The integrations provide intelligent paging and patient-to-physician live calls to streamline clinical communications. Care teams trust OnPage to automate their clinical workflows and improve the patient experience. 

4. Unmatched 24/7 After-Hours Customer Support 

“OnPage is easy to use, serves its purpose well, and customer service is excellent. I called at 9 p.m. on a weeknight for a technical issue and my call was returned very shortly after.”                                                                                                                      Alex M., operations manager | Large birth and wellness center

Customer support must be relationship focused, ensuring that valuable clients remain satisfied with their investments. Whether it’s general questions or account concerns, OnPage support is always available to address customer inquiries. Customers are pleased with the level of support they receive in workdays or after hours. OnPage’s dedicated support team is always on call and can be reached regardless of the time or day. 

It’s no secret that unmatched support equates to client satisfaction. OnPage support ensures customers remain satisfied and continue to trust the incident management system for all their critical alerting needs. 

5. Adopting the Next-Generation Incident Management System

OnPage incident management streamlines workflows and ensures that critical incidents are resolved promptly. The system provides advanced features and capabilities including: 

  • High-priority alerts—alerts bypass the silent switch on mobile and trigger loud, persistent notifications until addressed 
  • Encrypted communications—use OnPage for HIPAA-compliant, secure messaging between response team members
  • On-call schedules and alert escalations—eliminate alert fatigue through on-call scheduling and escalate alerts to the next person if the first is unavailable 
  • Reporting analytics and real-time incident statuses—gain insight into incident response via visualizations, statistics and responders’ presence information (e.g., “online,” “offline” or “do-not-page”)

With OnPage, customers can enhance their day-to-day operations and improve incident response management. Clients are satisfied with OnPage’s simple user interface (UI) and easy-to-use features. The incident management system doesn’t require teams to partake in long onboarding processes. Moreover, customers no longer carry pagers with OnPage, as they simply use their personal devices for critical alerting and secure messaging. 

This post highlights a few reasons why clients are choosing OnPage over industry competitors. Customers enjoy the convenience of OnPage and trust the system for end-to-end secure, real-time alerting, ensuring that IT and healthcare teams never miss urgent alerts.

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