What Is Microsoft SSO?

Microsoft SSO, or Single Sign-On, allows users to access multiple Microsoft and third-party applications, such as OnPage using a single set of login credentials, streamlining the authentication process. It enhances user convenience and security by reducing the need for repeated logins across different services within the Microsoft ecosystem.


Enable users to log into their OnPage mobile app and web console using Microsoft Single Sign-On.

OnPage can be configured with Single Sign-On (SSO) to external identity providers (IdPs) such as Microsoft Entra and Microsoft Active Directory using the SAML protocol. SSO comes with the following benefits:

  • One-Click Corporate Login: This eliminates the need for a separate OnPage username and password, which means one less thing to remember.
  • On-Demand User Provisioning: OnPage user accounts are created on-demand once access is granted via the SSO provider.
  • Revoke User Access: When an employee leaves the company, administrators can quickly remove OnPage access within the SSO provider.

Integration Benefits


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Quick and Efficient

The integration is the best way to manage applications and permissions. The Microsoft SSO integration allows users to access their OnPage account through one simple login process. Check it out by requesting a demo of the integration.