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The 21st Century Pager: OnPage

As posted by Jennifer Allen on 148Apps on July 19th, 2011

Be contactable in an emergency no matter what with OnPage. Belt clip not included.

Released today is an app that combines modern technology with some pretty dated 1980s and 1990s technology. The humble pager was crucial back in the day when important people needed contacting at a time when the mobile phone wasn’t in mainstream use. These days they’re only really used by doctors and other medical professionals, and for a very important reason. Pagers ensure that important information such as a heads up to report in quickly can be done without being blocked by SMS messages, phone calls or internet usage. OnPage, a new app for iOS devices aims to create that kind of effect without the need for a separate device.

It’s an app that, much like the pager before it, prioritizes emergency messages sent through the OnPage system, even gviing it an unique sound regardless of the current audio settings for the device (such as if it’s muted). OnPage ensures that its users can offer people a way of contacting them on their phone without actually having to give out their personal phone number, providing a great privacy feature for many.

Unlike paging devices, it’s also possible to view exactly when any page has been sent, delivered and read which is always extremely convenient for those needing to confirm such important things. Replies can also be sent. Finally, OnPage promises to be faster than the average Pager network.

More –  Read the full blog post at 148Apps.com: http://www.148apps.com/news/21st-century-pager-onpage/#ixzz1SklbaIMD

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