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What is Provider Scheduling?

Provider scheduling encompasses the process of organizing and managing the work hours and availability of healthcare providers, such as doctors, nurses, and other medical providers. It involves creating a schedule that ensures adequate coverage for patient appointments, emergency situations, and other healthcare services.


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3 Things to Consider When Investing in an On-Call Scheduling System

Uncover what on-call scheduling software encompasses and explore ways in which healthcare leaders can drive optimal coverage, deliver exceptional patient care, and reduce provider fatigue.

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Why Staff Scheduling Softwares > Papers, Excel Sheets and Google Doc Schedules

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Benefits of Provider Scheduling Software

Featured On-Call Scheduler Capabilities

delay notifications

Delay Notifications

OnPage allows administrators to configure Delay Notifications on the on-call web management console. When a Delay Notification schedule is active, OnPage queues all messages that are sent during specified times or “delay hours.” These OnPage messages are only delivered to users at the end of the Delay Notification schedule.

On-Call Schedule Exceptions

On-call schedule exception comes in handy when a user needs to switch on-call times with another team member for a specific time frame or when a system administrator wants to make an exception to a recurring schedule for a date range. At the end of the schedule exception, the original schedule reverts to its initial setup.


change log

Schedule Change Log

OnPage’s fail-safe scheduling system democratizes the schedule creation process, allowing authorized users to make changes to their schedule when life happens. The Schedule Change Log introduces accountability to the process and ensures that employees take ownership of their actions.

With the Schedule Change Log option, organizations gain complete visibility into all the changes made to on-call schedules. The report provides comprehensive information on who made scheduling changes with timestamps.

Tour the Fail-Safe Digital Scheduler

Discover how OnPage’s advanced, fail-proof digital scheduler enables organizations to distribute the workload evenly among scheduled, on-call team members.

Continuous Industry Success

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Provider Scheduling

    • What is Provider Scheduling/ Physician Scheduling?

      Provider Scheduling, or physician scheduling involves efficiently organizing and managing the work hours and availability of healthcare professionals, ensuring optimal coverage for patient care. It plays a crucial role in enhancing operational efficiency, minimizing wait times, and streamlining communication within healthcare facilities.

    • What does a provider scheduling software do?

      A provider scheduling software accelerates and centralizes the process of creating and managing work schedules for healthcare providers, improving efficiency and reducing errors. It ensures optimal coverage, enhances communication and contributes to better patient care by aligning provider availability with healthcare facility needs.

    • How is OnPage's scheduling tool different from other scheduling tools?

      OnPage’s scheduling tool stands out with its natively built-in scheduler, seamlessly automating the routing of notifications and messages based on on-call schedules and facilitating role-based messaging. This process workflow streamlines communication and ensures timely responses, setting OnPage apart in optimizing healthcare provider scheduling and coordination.

    • What are some common integrations for provider scheduling tools?

      Common integrations for provider scheduling tools include Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems, clinical communication and collaboration platforms, and other healthcare systems.


    • How can my clinic/hospital choose the right provider scheduling vendor?

      To choose the right provider scheduling vendor, consider factors such as system flexibility, scalability, user-friendliness, integration capabilities with existing systems, and the vendor’s track record in the healthcare industry. Additionally, evaluate customer support offerings, read third-party peer reviews, and ensure that the vendor aligns with your facility’s specific needs and scalability goals.