Deliver Real-Time Alerts From Facility Management Systems

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Facility managers, including service technicians, are expected to operate their facilities safely to meet the expectations of customers. They focus on the smooth functioning and maintenance of many components that fall within the scope of their facility. Typical components include roads, pavements, HVAC and plumbing systems. 

As a facility manager, staying on top of these siloed and geographically dispersed systems can be challenging. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how to use OnPage’s alerting and communication capabilities to trigger real-time alerts for events that require immediate action from the right on-call service technicians.

Challenges Faced by Facility Managers

It is not uncommon to come across facility managers limited by resources and time to actively monitor every aspect of the facility. The situation is worsened when facility managers manually call technicians to fix an issue. Some facility managers still maintain a paper schedule to determine who is on duty. This leaves plenty of room for human error and introduces inefficiencies into the process.

Mobile Alerting and Dispatching for Facility Management

When an incident occurs within the facility, it is important to alert an on-call service technician in real time and reach them regardless of where they’re located. OnPage’s alerting and on-call management system delivers real-time, contextual alerts to the right technician at the right time, minimizing the damage of the incident.

With OnPage, you can:

  • Consolidate: Connect mission-critical systems that need to be monitored and alerted through an API and email integration. You determine the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are important to you and OnPage takes care of the alerts.
  • Communicate: Communicate with individuals and groups via OnPage secure messages and persistent alerts. Response teams can enhance collaboration and break down silos without security concerns.
  • Automate: Rule-based algorithms allow you to automate escalation policies, alerting the next person in line. Automating the entire incident resolution life cycle improves speed, accuracy and accountability. 

OnPage Integrates With Facility Management Systems

OnPage gives voice to leading facility management solutions and elevates time-sensitive incidents. OnPage sits at the center of a facility management system and accelerates event response by mobilizing teams to take prompt action.

Facility management systems detect anomalies and translate them into email notifications. OnPage converts these emails into persistent, distinguishable mobile alerts so messages are never missed. A connection using webhooks can also be achieved, however, an email connection is easier to deploy the OnPage integrations.


Combining facility management systems with OnPage ensures that the right people are always informed of critical events. Facilities can now leverage real-time alerts to minimize response time and prevent costly damages from unresolved issues.

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