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Critical Communication Challenges

The construction and manufacturing industries face challenges in communicating critical events due to the noisy and chaotic nature of work sites.

While some organizations have adopted pagers to facilitate communications, these devices present their own set of limitations.

Pagers fall short in providing several capabilities, including:

❌ Sending and receiving multimedia messages

❌ Retrieving pages lost due to out-of-range transmission

❌ Sending messages with full context

❌ Escalating messages when there’s no response.

This limited functionality can create communication gaps and delays in urgent situations where timely and accurate information sharing is critical for ensuring worker safety and project success.

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The Solution

To ensure worker safety, prevent expensive downtimes and successfully meet project timelines, construction and manufacturing companies need to respond promptly during an incident. To achieve this, they require a solution that enables them to quickly detect and triage incidents. This solution must be capable of:

Facilitating critical communication – promptly drawing engineer’s attention to critical alerts by delivering them as distinguishable, loud, persistent alerts on phones.

Presenting a platform to collaborate and mobilize the right teams into action

Providing real-time incident response visibility

Generating post-event response reports

Sending out mass notifications to stakeholders to keep them informed of the situation

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End-to-End Incident Alert Management for Construction + Manufacturing Organizations

Minimize the impact of incidents and improve operational efficiency

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OnPage is widely used by engineers, field technicians, IT organizations, customer support and facility management units in construction and manufacturing companies to accelerate incident response. OnPage orchestrates the distribution of alerts to the right on-call engineer, wherever they are.

OnPage benefits for Construction and Manufacturing companies include:


Automate the process of alert delivery to the right on-call technician or field engineer based on pre-defined rules, on-call schedules and routing policies. Critical messages or incidents are delivered as loud, alert-until-read, persistent alerts that even override the silent switch.

Facilitate collaboration:

Corral the right technicians or engineers into action by equipping them with a dedicated messaging and alerting application on their phones, enabling seamless coordination of their response efforts.

Alert escalation:

Organizations gain the ability to automatically escalate alerts and live calls to the next person in line when the first on-call engineer doesn’t respond.

Oncall scheduling

Gain flexible, fail-safe scheduling capabilities. Set up on-call rotations and escalations for technicians, emergency responders and engineers. Provide visibility into on-call schedules for field technicians. Make it easy for authorized personnel to update schedules on the go, democratizing the on-call scheduling process.

Real-time reporting and post-event analysis

Analyze incident response time with real-time reporting. After an incident is resolved, access detailed incident reports and uncover potential gaps in incident handling.

Mass notify stakeholders

Deliver mass notifications to stakeholders, including residents and senior management, via SMS, email and voice calls to keep them apprised of the situation.


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Client testimonials

My overall experience with OnPage has been good. I love how when I’m away from site, I get attention-drawing, critical notifications on my phone if I’m required after-hours.

– Scott F., Field Technician

Continuous Industry Success

OnPage is a G2 Leader for incident alert management, consistently receiving recognition for high performance and user satisfaction.


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