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OnPage Looks to Make the Pager Obsolete

Posted on Tue, Jul 19, 2011 – 10:47 am

by Eric Wicklund on Mobile Health Watch

A new smartphone app looks to relegate the pager to the dustbin, much like the 8-track tape and video rental store.

The OnPage app for the iPhone, iPad and Blackberry comes courtesy of OnSet Technology, a Waltham, Mass.-based company, founded in 1997, that has in recent months launched a series of smartphone-based continuity solutions focused on priority messaging.

OnSet CEO Judit Sharon said OnPage builds on a physician’s desire to cut down on the clutter of handheld, belt-mounted tools.

“They have the convenience of only one device,” she said.

Sharon said the hosted solution involves no hardware or software costs associated with client-server services, ensures uninterrupted communication through Wi-Fi and includes two-way communications, group messaging and an audit trail. While pagers can be turned off, she pointed out, the OnPage app ensures that a message is sent and received through continual audio notification.

“It provides accountability,” she said. “Right now, you can send a page and hope that it reaches (the respondent), but you don’t know for sure.” With OnPage, “you always know the status of the message and know that you will receive a response.”

Sharon said the service is being used by a couple of clinics and some independent physicians, and expects more interest as word spreads.

“Hospitals are covering themselves wall-to-wall with Wi-Fi,” she said. “There’s an (immediacy) to this that doctors aren’t getting with pagers right now, and a consolidation of services. And since everybody has a smartphone, this is much more convenient.”

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